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The Forest of Love APK 0.34 Download for Android 2024

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0.34 for Android
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Feb 13, 2024
277 MB
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Android 5.0+

The Forest of Love APK is a captivating NSFW furry adventure game that borrows from classic top-down games like Zelda. It adds a touch of charm reminiscent of Animal Crossing. However, what really sets it apart is its huge dose of raunchy smut. This casual narrative game combines furry characters with explicit content, creating an exciting gaming experience for adults.

Gameplay and Features

The Forest of Love APK gameplay is straightforward and reminiscent of classic adventure games. You explore a vibrant forest, solving puzzles, and battling enemies while fulfilling various quests. What makes this game stand out is its ability to blend familiar gameplay with raunchy content, creating an immersive and titillating experience.

The Forest of Love APK features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own personalities and unique traits. These anthropomorphic animals range from cute and innocent to seductive and dominant. As you progress through the game, you will interact with these characters in different ways. This will lead to various sexual encounters and encounters.

One of the key features of The Forest of Love APK is its focus on size-play. This genre of adult content revolves around characters dominated by larger partners, creating a unique dynamic that can be both thrilling and arousing. The Forest of Love APK embraces this aspect of sizeplay, offering a variety of sexual encounters that cater to different preferences and fetishes.

Another aspect that sets The Forest of Love APK apart from other adult games is its sex-positive approach. The game promotes a healthy and consensual exploration of sexuality, emphasizing consent and respect for boundaries. This focus on inclusivity and positivity helps to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for players to enjoy their gaming experience.

Content and Customization

The Forest of Love APK does not offer customization options. However, developers plan to add this feature in the future. In the meantime, players are encouraged to approach the game with an open mind and willingness to explore the diverse range of content and interactions it offers.

The Forest of Love APK focuses on feral/cute/size-play content, with variations and scenarios designed to appeal to a wide range of preferences. The developers are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive game experience, ensuring that all players can find something enjoyable in the game.


  • There have been major changes to the game under the hood! There should be fewer system resources used and everything should run more smoothly.
  • Savegames cannot be transferred! There are cheat codes in the Pause menu that unlock sidequests, and you can jump ahead using Chapter Select. The first chapter of each book is automatically unlocked for ease of access.
  • The current build (v0.34) includes all official content up to Melody's Photoshoot in Act 3 and Maverick's Side Hustle (the cum spa) in the sidequests storyline. Our 0.34 build should match our 0.33 build, plus we've rewritten the source code and fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • Any dialogue can now be skipped! You can skip with a gamepad by longpressing [X] (except Mabel during the plant minigame.)
  • The game is thoroughly tested, but there is a TON of content that follows special rules, as well as content that can be accessed in any order.


The Forest of Love APK is a unique and captivating NSFW furry adventure game that combines classic top-down games with explicit content. With its diverse cast of characters and sizeplay focus, it offers an immersive and titillating gaming experience for adult players. While customization options are not yet available, the game's sex-positive approach and welcoming atmosphere make it a worthwhile exploration for those seeking an exciting and raunchy gaming experience. So, if you're looking for a casual game with furry fun and naughtiness, try The Forest of Love APK!

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