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App By:
X.D. Network
1.0.31 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 10, 2023
567 MB
Required Android:
9.1 and up

Settlement Survival is a survival city-builder that focuses on management and production. Your people will reclaim land, sow crops, hunt beasts, gather resources, construct buildings, trade valuable resources, and expand their homes under your leadership. It is their success that determines the prosperity of your settlement.

The Townsmen project immediately came to mind when playing this urban planning simulator. At the beginning of the game, your subjects quickly cut down forests and built settlements. The problem of resources is always present - there is never enough wood, fuel, etc. As the game progresses, this issue is resolved, but at this point there is a "stagnation", since schools need to be built, technologies need to be researched and livestock must be monitored.

Production and Population

Population is the core element of production and development. However, beware of plagues from other lands, aging populations, or baby booms.

Choosing Your Development

Each development path has its own advantages - mining, agriculture, construction, and trade. Build your industry step by step by choosing freely and playing to your strengths.

Trade Development

Are you short on resources? You don't have to worry! Send a caravan to trade with various nearby powers. Your population's survival depends on trade, which unlocks innovative technologies and items.

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