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1.52 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 06, 2023
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9.0 and up
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Goblin Walker APK is an unconventional 2D belt-scroll action game, in which players will battle evil, greedy and despicable Goblins instead of devils or dragons. You will break into villages guarded by soldiers and warriors and rob them of their belongings and facilities. Your figure will become one that everyone loathes yet fears.


The Goblin King unravels the 300-year seal and revives, but his skin is totally rotten and only his soul exists. The Goblin minions must break into the villages guarded by soldiers and warriors in order to break the seal. As they fight with the well-equipped and highly skilled warriors, they kidnap the villagers and imprison them in the stronghold's dungeons. These villagers will be sacrificed for the devil's ceremony, which aims to resurrect the Goblin King.

Goblin king, rise!

There is a neat story in the game, as you play as the bad guy. There is always something fun about playing as a villain, and Goblin Walker is no different. This story is about the Goblin King rising from the dead, but his body is decayed and gross, so you need to go to different villages and sacrifice young girls to help him rise from the dead.

At the end of the day, this gives you a reason to continue doing what you are doing. It may sound boring, but it is kind of fun. My honest opinion is that it's pretty fun and entertaining stuff.

Sacrifice, plunder, and punch!

Goblin Walker's gameplay is something I really enjoyed. During the game, you take on the role of a goblin and head into a village. You must kill the village people because they won't go along with this. There is an alert level and the higher it is, the more people from the village will come after you. Every "level" has you grabbing a girl and bringing her to the base so that she can be sacrificed. In the end, you have to throw the girl because villagers will stop you. As you make your way back, you can use the girl as a projectile weapon.

The weapons you can get include swords, bows, and arrows, as well as picking stuff up off the ground. While some people find these types of games repetitive, I always get into a Zen-like state when I play them. While it is not too challenging, you will need to replay some levels so you can grind so you are prepared for later levels.

Features of Goblin Walker APK

  • An action game with a 2D belt-scroll style
  • Element of a SIM and an RPG
  • Simple to use and easy to start
  • The enemies players face in the game are brutally attacking warriors, not vicious monsters


Goblin Walker APK offers a fresh and unique gaming experience that deviates from the traditional hero narrative. By flipping the script and putting players in the shoes of an evil Goblin, this unconventional 2D belt-scroll action game challenges players to embrace their darker side. With its engaging gameplay, strategic challenges, and emotional depth, Goblin Walker APK is a must-play for those seeking a thrilling and thought-provoking gaming experience.

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