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App By:
Neversoft Entertainment, Inc.
1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 24, 2023
152 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
Role Playing

App is a general card role-playing game developed by Neversoft, with 3D graphics and illustrations of extremely beautiful and sexy female characters.

A new, epic story is created by combining characters from fairy tales, myths, legends, and even history from around the world.

By joining the game, players can embark on a fantasy adventure with fairy tale characters.

As you accompany fairy characters on your journey, you will build relationships with them.

Discover fairy tales that are completely different from anything gamers have heard or read before.

What Does It Do?

The App is a role-playing game developed by Neversoft. It retells the story of Little Red Riding Hood among others. Both iOS and Android devices are supported by the game.

A fantasy adventure awaits players in the App, where they can build bonds with fairy tale characters. As an example, Red Riding Hood, who uses her sawblade to cook and eat the Big Bad Wolf, is no meek little girl.

The fallen angels have been battling humans for a long time, despite possessing intelligence and magic from the gods.

During the war, the fallen angels gradually gained power, tipping the scales in their favor. To receive help from the gods, humans had to surrender their magic.

Humans defeated the fallen angels through divine intervention and ended the centuries-old war.

As time passed, the sealed magic of the fallen angels began to awaken once more...Monsters emboldened by the magic of the fallen angels began to stir..." says the official game lore.


  • The ability to create unique and cute chibi characters using 3D graphics
  • It is extremely sexy and beautiful to see pictures of female characters
  • Bring a whole new level of story experience to players
  • Develop relationships with characters from fairy tales
  • Playing the game is quite simple and idle with auto-battles

Final Thoughts

This App for Android devices is another amazing one. It's great that you have this ultimate apk with you, and on top of that, you have the premium version 1.0 of this apk. Have fun by following the above-mentioned instructions.

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