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Project Z APK 2.70.4 下载 对于Android 2024

2.70.4 对于Android
5月 29, 2024
360.3 MB
Android 6.0+

Project Z APK is a social app that lets you connect with friends, express yourself through creative designs, and build a community of like-minded individuals. With the Z app, you can chat with new friends, create and design amazing content, and collect Merch that showcases your personality. You can also open your own Shop and sell your digital Merch through the app, allowing you to fund future creative projects. Whether you want to connect with others, express yourself, or showcase your creative talent, the Z app has everything you need.

What exactly can you do with the Z app?

You should be yourself

Show off your unique personality. Let your personality shine in your personal space with Z's wonderful tools:

  • You can customize your profile with special backgrounds, icons, and themes.
  • Make your Bio stand out with text or voice, and tag it with your interests!

Share your content

You can change the font color, make it bigger, and create polls with our post tools.

Our cloud stores all of your post drafts, so your content will always be available even if you switch devices. Your hard work will never be lost!

Parties and voice chats live

Live Parties offer you the chance to meet cool people centered around your interests -- Chatrooms give you access to a world of new friends! Make your live Party experience memorable by using the tools provided by our live parties.

You can watch movies, streams, or YouTube videos together with other people and chat about what you are watching!

Voice Chats let you communicate in real-time with people around the world. Chat, sing a song, share what you've been up to, discuss a school club you've joined, or get even closer through roleplaying!

Circles to explore

A circle is like a subreddit or a Facebook group, it's a place where people can discuss shared interests. You can create your own Circle or join an existing one. Z has Circles about Fan Art, Anime, Otanix, RPGs, Undertale, Minecraft, BTS, Pokemon, Harry Potter, My Hero Academia, Manga, LGBTQ+, ARMY's, Beauty, Cyberpunk 2077, Among Us, and many more! Find your people by joining your favorite Circle!

A live roleplay and a text roleplay

Are you still looking for RP partners? Are you interested in participating in Live Roleplays or Text Roleplays? Whether you're looking for a Fantasy, Supernatural, or Horror role-play, or an Adventure role-play, we have you covered!

  • Our platform connects roleplayers around the world
  • Our system helps you organize your plot and characters more effectively
  • If you have a friend, you can start a 1 on 1 Roleplay, or you can create a group Roleplay with up to 100 players!
  • Have you ever been confused about who is roleplaying and who is just chatting? It is possible for you to switch between active roles at any time

Get started creating

Create your own works of art, whether they are drawings, audio tracks, videos, or photo albums, and use them on Z.

  • You can even sell what you create when you open a Shop in our Marketplace!
  • Video and other releases can help you become a content creator!
  • Watch out for our ever-improving tools as we're always adding new ways for you to get creative!

Collect now

Take advantage of our Marketplace and start collecting awesome goodies!

  • What you collect, make, or sell can be swapped, sold, traded, and gifted
  • Your Treasures are the perfect way to show off your collection
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