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4.0.5 对于Android
5月 11, 2024
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Cross DJ APK is the perfect app to mix and perform DJ sets on the go! Discover an intuitive and simple version of the DJ software you already know and love. Cross DJ is the mobile version of our premium DJ software available on iOS and Android.

About Cross DJ APK

Cross DJ is the first professional DJ app for Android, meaning that you can mix perfectly-synchronized tracks with exceptional audio quality, according to its developers.

The first thing you'll notice about Cross DJ is how the app transforms your Android device into a mixer (especially on tablets). There are a variety of intuitive controls on the Cross DJ that are either right in front of you or easy to access.

There are two virtual turntables, a crossfader, a mixer with three-band EQ, automatic loops, Slip mode, an XY effects pad, 16 hot-cue pads, and virtual shortcuts to your most-used tools in Cross DJ. Additionally, you can import songs directly from your device's library in MP3 and AAC formats.

Cross DJ is a powerful music creation tool that is even better in its full version. It is therefore not comprehensive and only offers a fraction of the features found in the paid version.


MIX and perform live

  • Get your mix started with this 2-deck DJ setup
  • Your music library can be sorted by title, artist, album, BPM or length with ease
  • With Pro-grade FXs, you can resample and shape your sound in real-time
  • Over 70 one-shot samples and 12 loops to choose from
  • Take advantage of your Soundcloud library to mix all the hottest tracks
  • The most accurate Waveform view for synchronizing your tracks
  • You can customize your setup with any color you want
  • You can access the content more easily while on the go when the view is set to portrait
  • Make a mix and share it with the world! (Soundcloud etc.)

An outstanding audio engine

  • Any audio file can be imported (MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV & AIFF)
  • Music BPM is accurately detected, right down to the decimal point
  • The music reacts instantly to your actions thanks to its insanely low latency
  • A realistic scratch sound from a turntable
  • Keylock mode allows you to change the BPM without affecting the tone
  • To determine which tracks sound good together, determine the key of the songs
  • Auto-gain automatically equalizes the levels of two tracks
  • The two tracks in the player should be synchronized using Auto-Sync
  • External hardware mixers can be used to control EQs and crossfaders
  • A multichannel sound card that is USB compliant with multichannel audio

Pro-grade features at your fingertips!

  • You can record your own samples and play them back
  • A full-featured 3-band mixer with DJM EQ presets
  • From 8 to 1/32, launch loops will be available
  • A Quantize mode automatically sets hot cues and loops to the beat
  • With Slip Mode, you can keep the same tempo while looping
  • A manual pitch range of 4 to 100% and a manual pitch bend are available
  • Listen to tracks in your headphones before mixing them with Split audio
  • With Automix, you can mix your tracks and play music automatically, from any source (playlist, album, etc.).
  • Using Ableton Link, you can go live with your friends
  • Controllers compatible with MIDI:
  • U-Mix Control 1 and 2, U-Mix Control Pro 1 and 2
  • There are four Pioneer DJ mixers: DDJ-200, DDJ-400, DDJ-SB, and Wego 2.


BPM detection & synchronization

Cross DJ syncs your tracks to the BPM of your tracks using a powerful BPM detection algorithm. A beatgrid can also be adjusted for tracks with irregular BPM times.

Key detection pro

The Cross DJ provides full control over your tracks' keys with the Key detection and Key matching features. Create smooth harmonic mixes with the help of a visual representation of compatible tracks.

Optimal mix control

Visual representation of the audio track is provided by Cross DJ's waveform view. As a result, DJs can analyze the song's structure, identify key elements, and synchronize tracks.

FX and EQ for professionals

DJs are able to control their sound with the advanced and precise effects and EQs offered by Cross DJ. Dynamic and immersive performances can be created with ease.

Easy looping & creative

The loop mode of Cross DJ makes it easy to set loops and adjust them on the fly. Layer your mixes seamlessly and create exciting transitions.

200+ samples to play with

Featuring more than 200 samples, Cross DJ provides a wide selection of sounds to enhance your mixes. Make your performances stand out with unique textures, fills, and effects.

Sources without limits

Your tracks can be imported from the cloud and your sets can be customized.

Creating a simple playlist

Direct integration with your device is provided by Cross DJ. You can easily retrieve your music collection and create playlists. You can find your last night's games in the history section.


Cross DJ APK is the perfect app for DJs on the go. With its user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and professional features, it brings the fun and excitement of mixing and performing DJ sets right to your fingertips. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, Cross DJ offers a world-class DJ experience at an affordable price. So get your phone or tablet, download Cross DJ, and let the music take you to new heights!

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