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Unpacking APK 1.01 İndir Android için 2024

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Humble Games
1.01 Android için
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Eyl 30, 2023
391 MB
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9.0 and up


Unpacking APK is a BAFTA-winning game about moving into a new home after pulling possessions out of boxes. Part puzzle, part decoration, you're invited to make your own living space while learning clues about the life you're unpacking. You are given the chance to experience intimacy with a character who you never meet and a story that you are never told over the course of eight house moves.

About Unpacking APK

Unpacking APK is a unique puzzle simulation game that takes you deep into the meaning and memory of objects. You will also experience the joy of organizing and arranging your life.

You play the role of a house mover and your task is to unpack and place your luggage in the appropriate place in your new home. There is more to this than just moving, because each item has a different story and emotion, and you have to use clues and hints to decide where to place them. As you unbox and arrange items, you'll gradually uncover the main character's story, learning about her life, dreams, and experiences.

A variety of items are available in the game, from small to large, from trivial items in life to important souvenirs, each representing a different stage and emotion of the protagonist. The graphics and music in the game are excellent, creating a warm atmosphere that immerses you in the story.

Unpacking is not just a puzzle game, but also a deep exploration of life, memory, and emotion. The protagonist grows together with you as you arrange and arrange objects, review the past, and experience various emotions and changes. Experience this unique and touching game and explore its story!

Highlights of Unpacking APK

Playing Unpacking Game is the ideal game if you enjoy doing basic tasks. This is novel and enjoyable!

Easygoing and uncomplicated

You can play a ton of interesting and thrilling games at the moment. Since numerous creators are always creating new games, you can find a number of these games. These days, you may download a ton of thrilling games with lots of special features for free.

Unpacking Game is one of the greatest games available right now, so if you appreciate playing entertaining and soothing games, you should download it.

You cannot play this game in a tense setting in order to win. You are free to unpack and arrange the items anyway you see fit; there are no chores or specifications.

This simple and calming simulation game aims to mimic the happiness you get when you move into a new house. You'll have complete control over how things are arranged. You can enjoy a lively background track composed by Jeff Van Dyck while you work.

Unpack items

Many interesting games are available to you for free right now. The moving game here is the one you should play if you're seeking for one. You can unpack a variety of someone else's belongings here.

One by one, you must unpack the items from the boxes, and you get to choose where they go. You may enjoy this soothing game right now, no matter where you are. Please feel free to unpack a variety of items, including backpacks, plates, books, and toys.

Soothing music

You can enjoy a game in Unpacking Game because of the soothing soundtrack. Here, you can enjoy playing to the soothing sound of a background soundtrack.

Jeff Van Dyck, a composer who has won a BAFTA award, composed the soundtrack. You'll love the many cool animations in this game, and it's simple to pick up how to use the controls.

Graphics in pixels

Pixelated images are used in this game so that you can have fun right now.

Have fun creating the kitchen, living room, and other spaces as you unpack everything from the boxes. Once you unpack so much, you'll find several rooms here. Then, you will be aware of the backstory of each character in the game!

Features of Unpacking APK

  • Whether it's a single bedroom or a whole house, unpack a house
  • Streamlined gameplay without timers, meters or scores - perfect for playing on the go or at your own pace
  • While stacking plates, hanging towels, and arranging bookshelves, explore all the nooks and crannies of a domestic environment
  • The things a character brings with her to each new home (and the ones she leaves behind) tell her story.
  • A perfect fit for mobile - Unpack with the touch of a finger, recognize the world through haptics, and take pictures and videos to share on social media immediately
  • The soundtrack has been composed by BAFTA award-winning composer Jeff van Dyck.
  • Over 20 awards have been won, including the 2022 BAFTA Games Award for Narrative and the EE Game of the Year award
  • You can experience this handcrafted story in its entirety in the palm of your hand.


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