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Mercado Pago Falso APK 2.293.2 Скачать для Android 2024

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Mercado Libre
2.293.2 для Android
ноя 08, 2023
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9.0 and up

The Mercado Pago Falso digital account allows you to keep your money safe, have a line of credit, and make payments and transfers online immediately from your phone. Get the most out of your digital account at Mercado Pago!

Get a free card without annuity! The virtual card can be used to make purchases in physical stores as well as online. You can request a physical card through the app, and we will send it to your home for free!

At ATMs and supermarkets throughout the country, you can withdraw cash with your card. Also, you can use your credit card to pay for services, recharge your cell phone, and buy at Mercado Libre.

About Mercado Pago Falso APK

Mercado Pago offers payment services and is not authorized by the Central Bank to conduct financial transactions. The funds credited to payment accounts do not constitute deposits in a financial institution nor are they protected by the same legislation that applies to deposits in financial institutions.

Mercado Pago has the following advantages:

Daily Returns

Generate returns on your account every day, it's easy and you can do it through the app. Debit cards, bank accounts, and cash in stores are all options for transferring money.

Digital Account

With Mercado Pago, you can pay bills, recharge your cell phone, transfer money to any bank or to whomever you want, receive payments online, and manage your finances easier. All your transfers can be made from one place.

The ideal partner for those who want to sell more

With Mercado Pago, you can count on the support you need for your business.

Receive payments however you want and increase your sales: with the Point machine, QR code, payment link or whatever option your customers prefer.

The digital bank that best takes care of your pocket

Just leave the money in the account and it will pay off automatically.

With the app, you can have Pix, credit cards, loans and much more. Your account is free and hassle-free.

Take Care of Your Personal Finances

  • From the app, you can pay bills and services with QR codes or payment links. You can also transfer money between bank accounts and virtual wallets.
  • To make purchases using the money in the account and use it worldwide, request an international prepaid card.
  • The Mercado Crédito program allows you to pay for your purchases over 12 months without using a credit card. You can pay with Mercado Crédito, pay with QR in all locations accepting Mercado Pago, charge your transportation card and pay for more than 4,000 services.
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged and your transportation card is loaded.
  • At ATMs, you can withdraw cash by phone, QR code, or by using the international card.
  • You can enjoy discounts on purchases, free shipping, easy returns, and more at Mercado Puntos.
  • You can also use your virtual wallet to make payments with QR codes, make service payments, recharges and purchases in Mercado Libre.

See Your Business Grow

  • Take payments with QR codes, through social networks, or through the web with the Point card reader and start selling online or in person right away.
  • Choose the Point card reader that suits your business to sell, collect, and receive payments securely from anywhere.
  • Pay easily, quickly, and securely through WhatsApp, social networks, and chats by sharing the QR code or payment link.
  • Different payment options are available to your buyers: credit cards, debit cards, and cash at payment points at Mercado Pago.
  • The loan is 100% online, without procedures or paperwork, and the money is automatically credited to your account when you request it.

Digital Accounts for Minors

  • The age of opening a digital account in Mercado Pago is 13 years old. Take advantage of all the features the account for minors has to offer!
  • Having your first credit card means you can pay online and shop at your favorite stores.
  • You only need the cell phone number or email address to transfer and receive money.
  • With your cell phone, you can pay with QR codes, recharge your cell phone, and use your transportation card all at the same time.


Mercado Pago Falso APK is a deceptive and fraudulent application that poses a significant risk to users' personal and financial security. By remaining vigilant, exercising caution, and following recommended security practices, you can mitigate the risks associated with such malicious applications. This will protect you from financial fraud.

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