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0.1.5 para Android
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nov 16, 2022
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9.1 and up
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The online fighting game Yomi Hustle mimics superpowered fight situations with turn-based combat. Utilize the power of foresight with a simple control system to land the winning blow.


Greetings from Yomi Hustle.

A game that was paused begins. You either command one of these stick guys, or both, depending on the game style.

In this lesson, the single-player mode is used to demonstrate the tutorial while the multiplayer mode is explained.

The fighting techniques you can use are listed below. To make a move, press the appropriate button, then "Lock In" or the spacebar.

You will only have a little window of opportunity to decide during multiplayer games.

You might need to make some extra changes before locking in an action.

The prediction ghost makes an effort to mimic the results of the chosen action. This ghost also shows which combatant will be available for action earliest.

Based on your own and your opponent's activities, it enables you to choose the move that will benefit you the most.

The simulation continues to run once both players have locked in until one of them is able to take action. The blue stickman halts his attack when it touches an opponent, as seen above.

Even if a fighter is still suffering after a hit or in the middle of an attack, they will still be given a turn even if they aren't yet ready. However, this fighter won't be able to use most of their moves and will only have a few defensive choices.

One of these defenses is BURST. You can utilize it whenever you want to get away, even if you're combined. Even though it is a vulnerable state, if your opponent anticipates you using it, they could be able to get another high-damage combo.

You must wait a while before utilizing burst again after using it.

Another defense against impacts is DIRECTIONAL INFLUENCE, or DI. The next time you are hit, DI changes the direction and speed at which you are thrown back. As the combo continues, DI exerts additional pressure. Since the opponent does not know which direction you will DI, you must mix it up to avoid early combinations.

You can PARRY if you are not being combined but believe your opponent will attack you. The parry makes you quickly actionable while your opponent recovers their attack and enables you to counterattack any strike. However, if you fail to parry, you are open to subsequent strikes. Furthermore, parrying is always defeated by grab moves.

As you land attacks, parry opponents' attacks, and advance toward your opponent, the SUPER METER in the corner of your screen will fill up. When it is fully filled, a SUPER LEVEL is acquired.

You can use the super levels you currently possess to buy SUPER MOVES. Super moves are extremely potent and require varied super levels to execute.

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