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Otxo Mobile APK 1.3.2 Baixar para Android 2024

1.3.2 para Android
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dez 07, 2023
100 MB
Android obrigatório:
9.0 and up

OTXO Mobile APK is an action game from Lateralis Heavy Industries that combines roguelike elements with top-down shooters to create a challenging experience. However, this title contains mature content, including extreme gun violence and bloodshed.

In addition, OTXO offers players a unique gameplay experience that can only be enjoyed by them. The setting will be randomized with different combinations of rooms each time you play. You can also check out Brotato and Have a Nice Death if you like similar titles.

About Otxo Mobile APK

OTXO (pronounced oh-cho) is a violent top-down shooter with Roguelite elements. You play as the protagonist searching for his lost love in an inexplicable mansion. You will discover more secrets about the Mansion as you explore it deeper.

Featureless, unnamed, and without a memory of how you got here... but you remember why you did. There is a woman waiting for you somewhere in this Mansion, and you cannot leave until you find her. Discover the mystery, face your inner demons, and annihilate them as you traverse unique areas and meet new allies.

Get the job done with a massive variety of weapons, over 100 abilities, and Focus to dodge bullets. Kick down doors and slay the variety of enemies standing in your way.

Features of Otxo Mobile APK

Replayability galore

OTXO features 8 areas with over 150 handcrafted rooms built into the game that will be randomly selected by the player. There will be no two runs of the game alike.


The enigmatic bartender of this game has over 100 acquirable abilities and a whole selection of unlockable weapons.


With the slow-mo mechanic, Focus, at your disposal, OTXO will make you feel powerful. The variety of enemies thrown your way can quickly turn the tides of combat if you don't adapt to them.

The soundtrack

Enjoy the gritty pulse-pumping soundtrack composed by the developer himself as you immerse yourself in the brutal noir-esque murder ballet.


OTXO Mobile APK offers an immersive and fast-paced gaming experience that combines the thrill of a top-down shooter with the complexities of roguelite gameplay. As players delve deeper into the mansion, they meet new characters, face their inner demons, and discover more of the mansion's secrets.

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