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Oldroll MOD APK A new realistic analog camera is now available online. You'll feel like you're back in the 80s with the retro texture. Have you ever imagined that all pictures could be as beautiful as movies? You can do the same with this free pocket video / photo app. Using classic cameras and vintage film, we recreate the style of classic cameras.

About Oldroll_V4.7 . 1_Mod_Modded-1.Com.APK

Oldroll Mod APK is a free photo and video editing app that helps users create stunning visuals for their projects. The software offers various features such as cutting, merging, rotating, adding effects, colour correction, and more. Download Oldroll Mod Apk - disposable camera developed by accordion that take you back to the 80s. With this application, you will be able to get excellent results quickly and easily. All major file formats are supported, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG images, as well as MOV, MPG4, and AVI videos.

The Oldroll app lets users add a vintage look to their photos using a variety of artistic effects. The camera app offers various tools for creating unique images, such as film roll effects, colour filters, and camera light leaks. With Oldroll APK, one can quickly take stunning pictures with a unique vintage flair. With over 30 different half-frames, 13 filters, and six light levels, you can recreate famous vintage looks.

The user-friendly interface and excellent results of Oldroll premium APK make it one of the best photo editing apps today. Users have access to various tools that allow them to enhance and customize their photos easily. A wide variety of features makes this the perfect choice for professional photographers and amateur hobbyists.

How does Oldroll APK work?

Oldroll APK is an innovative application for taking retro style photos on smartphones. A great thing about Oldroll is that it's completely free. The service is free and does not require a subscription or purchase.

An analog camera's main feature is its "roll" function, which lets you take up to 36 photos simultaneously, just like with a roll of film in a real camera. Those familiar with oldroll from times past will enjoy it, while those who don't will benefit from it because it allows them to capture their moment without interruption.


  • You don't need to edit or retouch the photo; it's not a photo editor or a video editor. With just one click, the most lifelike film photography is displayed instantaneously. give you a genuine one-step photo experience.
  • Sharing images to Instagram that feature a square film frame and a retro scratch effect is practical.
  • It is possible to send images directly to the recipient's home screen using the post office function. Come, enjoy every second with your pals.
  • Share your amazing timelapse videos or gorgeous ins-style pictures with gorgeous film settings on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube, among others.
  • In low light, flash makes it easier to generate daze cam D3D blockbusters.
  • Why not inform your friends that you visited this location 20 years ago? You can easily change the timestamp on the photo and create a unique, entertaining date stamp watermark.
  • Experience the art of the selfie by flipping the lens to capture a vintage picture!
  • The most in-demand effects: We offer 1888 or 1998-style light leaks. Enjoy the vintage grain and VHS effects here. You can also print some striking lomograph images and obtain film3D images to feel like in a prequel or sequel.
  • Digital cameras are not like retro texture rarevision.
  • The timer for taking photos frees up your hands so you may strike a pose.
  • You can flip and rotate the photographs to produce a fantastic mirror image with the excellent photo mirror effect.


Oldroll is an application that provides a number of professional features for editing and creating beautiful and fashionable photos. With features like a camera, filter, photo retouch, crop and merge, timelapse, and share, Oldroll helps you create unique photos that easily store the memories of you and your loved ones. Download Oldroll Mod APK now and try it for yourself.

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