Super Sus V1.33.9.061 Apk

Super Sus V1.33.9.061 Apk Download voor Android

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sep 21, 2022
169 MB
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5.0 and up
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Up to nine people can join a strange crew in the party game Super Sus, which is set on a spacecraft. One of the ship maintenance chores that each crew member must do is not what they initially appear to be. One of them is the Impostor, whose objective is to eliminate every other player before they are found.

Super Sus controls have been flawlessly adjusted for touchscreen devices. With your right thumb, you can use all the different activities, such as interacting with the environment or killing another crew member (if you are the Impostor), while your left thumb can be used to move the crew around. Each maintenance duty that the crew performs has a unique minigame associated with it.

There is a seven-minute time limit on each game in Super Sus. While the rest of the crew is working on spaceship maintenance during this period, the Impostor must attempt to murder them. There are four other game modes in addition to the classic mode where you can play the game as it has always been played. These additional game modes let you play the game in unique and distinct ways. Even more customization options are available through the workshop for the games.

One of the best party games for Android is Super Sus. The gaming experience is comparable to Among Us, but it also offers more game types, characters, and variety in addition to extremely stunning visuals and an integrated voice chat tool. 10 out of 10.

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