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Gacha Luminal APK 1.0.0 Download voor Android

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Team Luminal
1.0.0 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
sep 27, 2023
202.4 MB
Vereist Android:
9.0 and up
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Gacha Luminal APK, a cutting-edge Gacha Club mod brought to life by the creative genius, Toroi. Gacha Luminal celebrates the weirdcore aesthetic, among other captivating themes, that bring your Gacha Club experience to a whole new level. There are a myriad of features found in this exceptional mod that redefine the possibilities within this game. Gacha Luminal is not just a mod; it’s a gateway to limitless creativity and expression.

What is Gacha Luminal?

Gacha Luminal is a Gacha mod. The game has been in development for over a year, but it will be released soon! Themes from weird-core are included, as well as many more general themes!


Achieve boundless beauty with your characters

Everyone unleashes their imagination to create a multi-style attractiveness for their character. People can accomplish more exciting tasks for new prizes, and character design shapes how they interact with the community in the future. Thus, the character's fashion and grandeur are important for people to respond to at all times.

Enjoy a wide range of gacha activities

A gacha element dominates the game's activities, with players relying on luck to win appealing gifts. The abundance of content or the shift in speed affects many people's emotions when they cannot keep up with or take advantage of it for their individual requirements. There is also a wide variety of gachas available, promising the most thrilling experiences.

For extra fun, play with other players

A large virtual world will be a buzzing playground where players can exchange information and play a variety of games. There are also several tools, features, and attractive phrases in the chat system that allow people to express their real feelings. The characters will use absolute loveliness to interact with the environment in addition to the chat system.

You can find more jobs in our studios

A studio is a player-driven environment that generates revenue for all parties involved or provides dynamic and enjoyable environments. Those inner professions will change frequently, giving everyone a chance to grow and perform at their best while earning rewards. It is possible for players to open their own studio and run it with a great deal of attention and money.

Features of Gacha Luminal APK

Gacha Luminal offers a number of standout features:

Wardrobe expansion

Gacha Luminal injects a burst of fresh style into your game with a vast selection of updated clothing and accessories. You'll find everything from shirt logos to skirts, pants, shoes, and socks in this mod.

Customization options

Make your OCs stand out with a variety of customization options, including new eyes, hair, mouths, and noses. Whether you're looking for subtle enhancements or bold changes, Gacha Luminal has what you need.

Background enhancements

With an assortment of breathtaking backgrounds, you can breathe life into your creations in captivating new worlds.

Accessorize your hair and face

You can personalize your hair and facial accessories to the next level. These unique additions will make your characters stand out from the crowd.

OC bases of varying sizes

Customize your characters with OC bases, including chibi, front-facing, side-facing, and normal bases. There are endless possibilities when it comes to character design.

Are Android and PC versions the same?

Android does not contain any new objects or a lot of presets, whereas pc contains all the presets and new objects.

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