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Dating Restaurant V1.6.1 Apk 1.6.1 Download voor Android

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1.6.1 voor Android
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sep 21, 2022
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5.0 and up
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In the simulation game Dating Restaurant, you run a restaurant, namely a buffet restaurant for infatuated couples. You must create and refine the business plan for your restaurant in order to satisfy your valued patrons. You will need to conquer several challenges in order to succeed professionally and contribute to the restaurant's fame.


When you visit Dating Restaurant, you can realize your aspirations of becoming restaurant manager or simply having an amazing time. You now have the chance to learn more about a job that not everyone can perform. It is your responsibility to make sure that these couples have a tasty and enjoyable dinner throughout their date. The restaurant should be specifically created for couples and people who come here to have a date. their date, out.

You need to make an initial investment in the restaurant for it to expand and gain in popularity. Given that your restaurant offers buffet-style food, you might want to start with a few small food stalls before adding more, at least until you start to turn a profit and have extra money. In addition, you can upgrade other types of entertainment services and add more tables and chairs if you have extra money.

No matter how big or little, customers are necessary for every business to be successful. The same is true for Dating Restaurant, as you cannot run and grow your establishment without patrons. Restaurant management must not only use resources effectively but also consider the moods of their patrons. Try to create the most comfortable environment for guests to eat in the restaurant.

The easiest strategy to increase restaurant traffic is to investigate various buffet options. Customers who have been kept waiting for an excessive amount of time may become irate and leave the establishment immediately. The quality of your restaurant may gradually deteriorate if you receive too many negative client evaluations, and you may even have to declare bankruptcy.


  • Simulated gameplay offers gamers the most lifelike gaming experience.
  • The primary objective of the players will be running a buffet restaurant for couples, which will serve as the game's setting.
  • You will create a sizable restaurant empire by thoroughly investigating, evaluating, and investing in your ideas.
  • To win over customers' special love, the restaurant system must address its service problems.
  • The game offers a wholly distinctive gaming experience because of its vivid color combinations and cartoon-style graphics.
  • a dining establishment with a rigorous no-frills rule. Only lovers are allowed to eat at this establishment. In other words, it ought to be romantically designed.
  • a variety of recipes. Make sure your customers have a range of dishes to select from. You are free to add or remove recipes as you see fit.
  • There are various furniture categories. The furniture of your restaurant can be modified in this game. Aristocratic and romantic styles are among the many available options. Make sure everything about your work is ideal.
  • The clientele has VIP standing. Your VIP clients can make use of exclusive services. If you accomplish this, your consumers will be satisfied and keep coming back to you.
  • Learn how to access the love illustrations. You must amass as many love illustrations as you can if you want to acquire them all. If you share a love story with your clients, they will value it. Unlocking love animations will also add a romantic touch to your eatery.
  • real-time information that is current. The game has a real-time update feature. You can do this to keep track of your restaurant's performance at any moment.

Key Features:

  • Dining room for just lovers.
  • Different Recipes.
  • several types of furniture.
  • VIP clients.
  • Unlock Love Illustrations.
  • Updates immediately.


The Dating Restaurant APK is available for those who want to simulate managing a restaurant. The game has many features and is simple to play.

You can also download the Android APK version of the Dating Restaurant Idle Game to gain infinite money and diamonds. If you have these resources, you can buy everything your restaurant needs to succeed.

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