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6 18, 2020
Wargaming Group
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Are you passionate about tanks? Do you want to know, during World War II machine war? So you can not ignore this very exciting game. The game was 2012 (PC version) to watch the first World Cyber ​​Games eSports event of the year. Then, Xbox, 2015 and 2016 released for Android in all Android versions if you Google me. Ask the Most interesting tank shooting game on Play, the answer is definitely World of Tanks Blitz.

Summary about World of Tanks Blitz APK

Name - World of Tanks Blitz

Publisher - Wargaming Group

Genre - 3D, Action, Online

Latest Version -

Size - 103MB

MOD Features - No

Platforms - Android 4.2

Get over it


War is really hell on earth, but even online tank combat is very competitive. In the world of tanks, blitz huge metal war machines are present players, 7v7 will be fighting to fight each other. Tanks come from all different countries. Although it's Arsenal's poor starting, you can use the money and experience points before games.

The game control system is very simple, with the aim of moving and shoot bullets with the joystick and capture the zoom button to throw the screen. To win a round, you must capture support in the middle of destroying the opposing team or card. Because you need to experience the vulnerability and fine-grained control because of different operating and each type of tank. Experienced players will learn to logically meet opponents and carry most of the tasks in the tank.

Tank type

In the world of tanks blitz play, you will experience the famous tank in the real tank in WW2 history. Currently, the game is similar to Japan and the Soviet Union and more than 350 lakes to the United States, Germany. At the beginning of the game, allow you to choose any light tank. They can learn how to attack a tank and have some information on the tank. You have to understand the strengths of each species and attack strategy in the tank to overcome the vulnerability, and to find which tank suits the terrain.

Here you will find information about some types of tank:

  • Light Tank: The tank is very agile and moves quickly on the battlefield. The tank sacrifices increase the armor speed, but the firepower is reduced and easily destroyed. Therefore, the role of light tanks on the battlefield is especially disturbing to the scout enemy.
  • Medium Tank: Tank has all the advantages and disadvantages of light armor and heavy armor. As a light tank, the tank is slower but has more firepower and can protect your tank of certain types of armor grenades. Compared to heavy tanks, it was faster, but less firepower and armor. Full medium tank capabilities will vary depending on the region and its role in the battlefield. Tanks can take on the role of other tanks when they are destroyed.
  • Heavy Tank: This is the most difficult to use tanks in this game. It goes into a big tank to unlock for a long time. During World War II the most prominent war machines are believed to have huge advantages in heavy tanks, more powerful attack strength, and armor. If it is forced straight face and in the opposite straight area, heavy tanks exercise all its benefits. However, this does not mean that it is invincible. A speed ​​tank is an important weakness. With heavy armor, you should learn the reason, because you only move right, surrounded by enemies.
  • Tank Destroyer: Facing Heavy Tank. This is a very strong attack power and this position is easy to destroy heavy tank armor.
  • Automatic guns: Guns and all other members may be capable of attacking a small distance firepower. While developing their skills in a position where they can not attack the tank small artillery. Although the S.P.G. Identify the need to protect their fellow enemies and the need by tanks.

After you unlock the tanks, you can upgrade your tanks to make them more efficient.

PVP mode

In the world of tanks blitz play, you have to run in the fiery arena in 7v7 combat. He and 13 other online players are playing in a horizontal match. Then for you and your team members to overcome a path, defeat the enemy. Ability to interact with the key factor online game, strategy and personnel who are directly affected by the outcome of the war. You need to effectively control the tank selected appropriate tank and defeat an opponent's tank.

You have to win money and equipment each time a fight. You can also benefit from improving your global rankings.


Nothing complains about flashing tank graphics. One can say it is the most realistic tank game for mobile devices. Tanks, bullet effect, smoke and dust physics, all very ideal. It does not look like you will just take part in a real war in a mobile game area.


Many players love World of Tanks Blitz for reasons. Do you want to know how to rush to the battlefield immediately? The product was present in the download battle on the battle tank on the following link on mobile.