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VirtualXposed APK 0.22.0 Télécharger Pour Android 2024

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Android Hacker
0.22.0 Pour Android
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avr. 20, 2024
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Android 5.0+

The VirtualXposed APK Framework allows you to customize your Android device and take it to the next level by installing modules that let you modify your applications and even the operating system, giving you an entirely new experience. Is that its only drawback? It is necessary to root your mobile device in order to gain superuser permissions.

VirtualXposed: Android customization taken to the extreme

There are other developments that allow you to do this besides rovo89's. The Chinese developer Weishu has created a similar system that doesn't require root access, allowing you to install Xposed modules, unlock the bootloader, and modify the system image without root access. Although its functions are somewhat limited compared to Xposed Framework, this VirtualXposed is well worth a try.

This software looks like a simple launcher but allows you to create virtual or parallel spaces where APK files of any application can be run as if they were plugins. Modules or plugins allow you to modify the OS and the applications you clone, as well as to remove ads from applications, download YouTube videos, control your chat messages, and fake your GPS location.

How does VirtualXposed work?

You can access all of them on the official website of the service, but here are the most interesting ones:

  • XInsta: a version of Instagram with more options such as downloading videos or copying comments.
  • The YouTube Adway client is a cleaner way to access YouTube.
  • There is a service called enable-flag_secure which forces screenshots in applications that do not allow them by default.
  • Mininguard: a module that removes advertising from apps and any spaces that remain after the advertising has been removed.
  • There are different modules for WeChat that add automatic replies, batch message deletion, or automatic translations to messaging.


VirtualXposed has amazing features that allow users to modify almost everything on the Android operating system.

A must-have root app

VirtualXposed is the best app to use if you do not want to root your Android device, but you need to unlock the boot loader. If you're wondering where to find this app, don't worry! The app can be downloaded from our website. The app allows one to customize most Android functionalities and appearances.

Furthermore, users of this app can modify a wide range of systems on their Android devices. The only thing you need to do is enable the modules related to that aspect. This app will perform magic in no time and you will enjoy making changes to the operating system and other apps.

Make extra space 

With the VitualXposed app, you can create virtual spaces on your Android device to run APKs as plugins. You can also run some Xposed modules without rooting your device in these parallel spaces. There is more you can do, such as unlocking the boot loader or modifying any system image.

A fully customizable device

Users can download and install apps through Xposed and customize the operating system and ROM of their devices. Additionally, users can simply install editing packages as ZIP files instead of editing APK files.

This app lets you pick different themes, colors, sizes, navigation bars, icons of the Status bar, and more. As well, you can make older Android versions more appealing and modern by giving them a new look.

Permissions needed for Android

You will need to grant permission for this app to run! VirtualXposed Apps require these permissions, and you'll want to protect your device from damage. Get to the settings of your device and change the allow operation of apps from other sources after installing the app! Regardless of the operating system version on the device, VirtualXposed will work independently.

Remove YouTube ads

The VirtualXposed app can be used to block YouTube ads. The best thing that could ever happen to those who aren't interrupted by these ads is this! Get the app now and enjoy it!

Safe to Use

This app is similar to an Android emulator. It works effectively on Android and does not affect applications in the Virtual Environment. This app does not affect the system in any way.

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