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Spotube APK 3.7.1 Télécharger Pour Android 2024

3.7.1 Pour Android
Mis à jour le:
juin 11, 2024
56.8 MB
Requis Android:
Android 7.0+
Music & Audio

Spotube APK is a lightweight music streaming application designed as an alternative client for Spotify. It is open-source and available on multiple platforms, including Android. The APK format is used for installing the application on Android devices.

About Spotube APK

In a world where music streaming is dominated by a few major players, Spotube offers as a refreshing alternative. It prioritizes user privacy and offers a plethora of features that set it apart from the competition. This open-source music streaming app is designed for music enthusiasts who value a privacy-friendly, ad-free experience without compromising functionality and music discovery.

A Privacy-First Approach

Spotube is built to protect user privacy. Unlike many popular music streaming services, Spotube ensures your personal data remains yours. The app does not engage in telemetry or diagnostic data collection, meaning your listening habits and preferences are not tracked, analyzed, or sold to third parties. This makes Spotube a perfect choice for users increasingly concerned about digital privacy.


Ad-Free Listening

An important feature of Spotube is its ad-free environment. Nothing interrupts your music flow, ensuring a seamless listening experience from start to finish. This is a stark contrast to many other free music streaming services that bombard users with frequent and intrusive advertisements.

Music Discovery

Spotube excels in music discovery, providing users with an expansive library of tracks to explore. The app leverages various sources to offer a vast collection of music, helping you discover new artists, albums, and genres effortlessly. Whether you're into mainstream hits or niche genres, Spotube has something for everyone.

Real-Time Synced Lyrics

Spotube's standout feature is its real-time synced lyrics. This allows you to sing along to your favorite tracks with precision, making it a perfect companion for karaoke nights or personal jam sessions. The synced lyrics are displayed in real-time, enhancing your engagement with the music.

Open Source and Community-Driven

As an open-source application, Spotube invites developers and enthusiasts from around the world to contribute to its development. This not only fosters a collaborative community but also ensures that the app is constantly evolving and improving based on user feedback and contributions. Users can inspect the code, suggest features, and even participate in the development process, making Spotube a truly user-driven project.

Huge Collection of Music Tracks

Spotube offers a vast collection of music tracks, sourced from various platforms, ensuring access to an extensive library of songs. This includes everything from the latest hits to timeless classics, across a wide range of genres. The app’s robust search functionality makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.


Spotube APK is more than just a music streaming app; it's a statement against invasive data practices prevalent in the tech industry today. By prioritizing user privacy, offering a rich set of features, and fostering a community-driven development model, Spotube provides a superior music streaming experience that respects your privacy and enhances your enjoyment of music.

For music lovers who value privacy and seek an ad-free, feature-rich, and community-supported music streaming app, Spotube is the right choice. Embrace the future of music streaming with Spotube and enjoy a listening experience that puts you first.

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