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1.30 Pour Android
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oct. 05, 2023
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9.0 and up
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The RevHeadz Engine Sounds application is a state-of-the-art interactive engine sounds application that accurately simulates a wide range of modern and classic cars and motorcycles. A RevHeadz Engine Sounds simulation combines sonic models of real engine sounds with real-world mechanical physical parameters such as speedometer, tachometer, brake, accelerator, drive ratio, drive lashing, engine load, gear shifts, and backfire logic to allow you to control gear shifts, brakes, and accelerator speed. Take control of the best engine sounds ever created with RevHeadz Engine Sounds, simply by connecting your device to a home or car sound system.

About RevHeadz APK

A game development team based in Australia creates fun and innovative engine sounds apps for automotive enthusiasts of all ages. RevHeadz Engine Sounds has been delivering interactive automotive sound across mobile devices since 2013, with over 20 million users to date. It is our mission to continue to advance our technology and push the sonic envelope in the future.

Mobile Apps

Apps designed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets put state-of-the-art interactive engine sound technology at your fingertips. RevHeadz accurately simulates real-world mechanical physical parameters, including ignition start/stop, speedometer, tachometer, accelerator, gearshifts, brakes, drive ratios, turbochargers, superchargers, drive lashing, engine load, and backfire logic, using sonic models of real engine sounds.

OBD-II support

An OBD2 scanner is required to use RevHeadz Engine Sounds while driving. We do not sell OBD2 scanners, but you can find them at online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and automotive electronics stores. Purchasing OBD2 scanners from TikTok sellers should be done with caution as some have been known to provide misleading and false information. There is no affiliation between RevHeadz and any OBD2 or 'Digital Exhaust' product advertised on TikTok. You can find more detailed information on OBD-II setup and troubleshooting for Android and iOS devices by visiting our OBD-II setup and troubleshooting guides.


You will enjoy playing this game if you enjoy automobiles and are knowledgeable about the sounds different types of vehicles make. In this section, you will receive a gauge cluster with an on/off button, RPMs, gear shift, and a lot more.

Try out the sounds of a variety of automobiles, including the Ophidian, Mustang, Cobra, GT40, Stingray, Pantera, Charger, BMW, Ferrari, and more. The square measures numerous automobiles and bicycles, both of which you will enjoy emulating while you are here. Using your creative thinking skills will be necessary to participate in this game.

You can participate in a number of entertaining games that provide you with the opportunity to win competitions right away. The popularity of mobile racing franchise games has resulted in the creation of a number of successful games. Need for Speed, Real Sport, Asphalt, and plenty of other games are available for you to enjoy.

This game has only passing cars and motorcycles as sounds, which makes it a very unique experience. The dashboard features everything you could possibly need, such as brakes, accelerators, gear shifts, drive ratios, tachometers, speedometers, and a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is RevHeadz APK?

Ans. RevHeadz APK is a mobile app that offers realistic engine sounds for car enthusiasts to enjoy.

Q2. How realistic are the engine sounds?

Ans. RevHeadz APK engine sounds are incredibly realistic, capturing every nuance of real engines.

Q3. Is RevHeadz APK Free to Download?

Ans. Yes, RevHeadz APK is available for free download, allowing you to experience the joy of authentic engine sounds without any cost.

Q4. Does RevHeadz APK Offer In-App Purchases?

Ans. Yes, RevHeadz APK offers in-app purchases for additional engine sound packs and customization options.


RevHeadz APK is an essential app for those who wish to experience the thrill of revving engines on their mobile devices. With its expansive library of engine sounds, realistic simulations, and customization options, this app sets a new standard for car audio apps. Whether you're a gearhead or just love the sound of well-tuned engines, RevHeadz APK will keep you entertained and educated.

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