Underground Blossom APK

Underground Blossom APK 1.1.3 Descargar para Android

Aplicación por:
Rusty Lake
1.1.3 para Android
Actualizado en:
sep. 30, 2023
155 MB
Android requerido:
9.0 and up
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Underground Blossom is the latest adventure game by Rusty Lake. You must complete various tasks at every station to find the metro that will take you through Laura Vanderboom's life.

A sim that takes you into a mysterious underground world, Underground Blossom is full of charm and adventure. During this game, you take on the role of a brave adventurer exploring an underground fantasy garden.

There are a variety of magical plants and creatures in the underground garden in the game. The secrets of the garden will gradually be revealed as you solve puzzles, collect resources, and interact with creatures. It takes wit and skill to overcome obstacles and unlock new content and areas around every corner.

You can grow and breed exotic plants in Underground Blossom, each with its own properties and effects. There are many ways to utilize the power of plants, such as solving puzzles, attacking enemies, and providing support. The key to the game will be reasonable arrangements for planting and using plants.

About Underground Blossom APK

Travel through the life and memories of Laura Vanderboom in the Rusty Lake Underground!

Laura travels from metro station to metro station, each stop bringing her memories and prospects to life. While helping Laura make sense of her life and escape the corruption of her mind, you can solve various puzzles, find the correct metro to board, and uncover one of Laura's timelines!

Developed by the creators of Cube Escape & Rusty Lake, Underground Blossom is a new point-and-click adventure.

Features of Underground Blossom APK

A familiar setting with a new experience

Rusty Lake is a classic point-and-click puzzle adventure with a gripping story full of mysteries and, of course, puzzles.

You can expect to stop several times

Discover 7 unique metro stations that represent Laura Vanderboom's life, memories, and potential future. The estimated travel time is 2 hours.

Do what you know how to do

Discover the secrets hidden in each metro station, earn achievements, and who knows what else you might discover!

Make sure you wear headphones

Each metro stop will have an atmospheric soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar, which includes a cello performance by Sebastiaan van Halsema!

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