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Zenless Zone Zero Character APK 1.0.0 Download for Android 2024

1.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 04, 2024
254.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Zenless Zone Zero Character APK is an all-new 3D action game from HoYoverse set in a near-future world plagued by a mysterious disaster known as "Hollows."

An exciting ARPG with 3D anime-style animation takes you to the post-apocalyptic metropolis of New Eridu. Your role will be that of a proxy, someone who guides those who wish to explore the Hollows. In Zenless Zone Zero, there was a supernatural disaster called the Hollows. Strange dimensions are created when they emerge in the air. Furthermore, they seem to be the origin of the Ethereal, mysterious monsters you'll encounter frequently. The only city that survived the apocalypse is New Eridu, where corporations, gangs, and mafias all compete for resources from the Hollows.

You will not be alone, however. In Zenless Zone Zero, you will be accompanied by a diverse group of allies who will assist you in discovering this world's mysteries. Graphics are one of the game's strongest points: both city and character designs convey their nature without sacrificing imagination. The gameplay in Zenless Zone Zero allows you to control your allies during combat. You will be able to make combos with their different skills. A strong point of the game is exploration.

You are about to embark on a unique urban adventure full of mystery, enemies, and a lot of intriguing characters.

Singular experience of dual identities

The mysterious natural disaster "Hollows" is likely to occur in the near future. This disaster-ridden world has given rise to a new kind of city - New Eridu. A whole host of chaotic, boisterous, dangerous, and very active factions live in this last oasis that has mastered the technology to coexist with Hollows. You play a crucial role in linking the city and the Hollows as a professional proxy. There is a story waiting for you.

Fight fast-paced battles with your squad

Zenless Zone Zero is an all-new 3D action game from HoYoverse that offers a thrilling combat experience. You can build a squad of up to three players and use Basic and Special Attacks to begin your assault. Dodge and parry your opponents' counterattacks, and when they're stunned, unleash a powerful chain attack to finish them off! You should take advantage of the weaknesses of your opponents, as different opponents have different traits.

Experience the unique music and style

Zenless Zone Zero has a unique visual design and style. You will be captivated by the carefully crafted character expressions and fluid movements as you embark on your own journey. Of course, VIPs deserve their own soundtrack, so there's also a soundtrack full of drip that will accompany you during each unforgettable moment.

Factions and stories intertwined

Random Play is impossible without videotapes, and Proxies are impossible without Agents. New Eridu welcomes customers from all walks of life. Do not be fooled by their innocent and cute appearances, do not be intimidated by those who tower over you and look dangerous, and don't turn away the fluffy ones who might shed fur all over your spotless floor. Allow them to become your friends and allies by talking to them, learning about their unique experiences, and learning from them. You can only walk a long way with companions, since this is a long path.

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