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0.13.0 for Android
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Oct 18, 2023
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9.0 and up
Role Playing


Waven 0.13 APK is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical RPG with unique colorful graphics.

A seafaring adventurer seeks answers to this great upheaval in a flooded world where few islands survive the rising waters. A long time ago, the world was ruled by gods and dragons. The magic of yore remains today, but what of the mythical beings? A new era has begun: Choose your hero, equip your best spells, and set sail for an incredible journey.

Features of Waven 0.13 APK

Set off to explore a remarkable planet.

You are an adventurer searching for answers to this terrible calamity as just a few islands remain above the rising waters of a flooded planet. This realm was governed by dragons and gods long ago.

The magic is still there now, but what about the legendary creatures from long ago?

Engage in intense tactical combat

Gain control over the elements, work strong spells, and call legendary allies each with their own set of abilities to your aid. In this fast-paced, turn-based tactical fights, you can engage your opponents in close quarters or at a distance as a solo, pair, or trio and gain a variety of rewards.

Enhance and personalize your persona

Navigate an RPG and reach far-off places. Face terrifying monsters in their dungeons to complete epic quests. To acquire power, level up, upgrade your hero, and perfect your plan, gather precious objects.

Unleash your powers because every battle will be more ferocious than the last!

Your personality and your approach

Select your class, attack element, and spells from a list of 300 options. You can also choose your gear and the allies you will use in combat.

No two explorers will ever be the same due of the complexity of strategy. To counter the creatures' strategies, carefully select your partners, and be wary of your adversaries to thwart their schemes.

Play elegantly

Through your in-game achievements, you can exclusively gather spells, equipment, and companions. You will also consistently get rewards.

With the various skins and accessories you may obtain, flaunt your amazing and legendary sense of style. Every player's talent determines the outcome of every game.

Come play among global players.

Meet other players and invite your friends to join you! Join organizations whose camaraderie and sense of unity will put you on the path to success. WAVEN transcends PC and mobile platforms to enable communication amongst all communities, regardless of their preferred style of play!


Lively turn-based combat

Prepare your deck - spells, weapons, and companions – before each battle and use every trick available to you to win!

An original universe

Sail from island to island seeking fortune and glory in a colorful heroic fantasy world with a unique graphical style.

Forge your own destiny

Win battles, earn experience, spells, and companions, customize your equipment and deck, and take your strategy to new heights.

A cross-platform adventure

Continue your adventure wherever you are! Play WAVEN with the same account on PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

Here's what's new

Battle Pass Progression Revised

There has been a revamp to make Battle Pass progression more engaging and, above all, more enjoyable. The game offers much more than just progress. Adventures of all kinds are fun for you.

Throughout the season, you will need to complete specific missions in order to progress with your Battle Pass. As you complete these missions, you will earn Stars, a new way of measuring your success. Stars are awarded based on the difficulty of the challenge.

A minimum of 150 (out of 200) stars must be earned per week for your Battle Pass to be completed entirely.

Elite Combat on Competitive Island

Competitive Island is the new battleground for competitive players. Compete with other players in competitive gameplay modes, such as Player versus Player.

WAVEN is about to get a brand new mode! A shipwrecked survivor who rises to the top of the rankings will earn even greater rewards in this mode. Things will be shaken up by this mode...

Buenos Aires: Land Ho!

A new chest is available from the tropical island of Albuera to enhance your deckbuilding. Your theory crafting skills will be challenged by a variety of new, themed items (equipment, spells, companions).

Invested resources refunded

We have now implemented the refund system we announced in our first Note to the Community. Once you log in, you'll be notified if a change to an item results in a refund, and the resources will be injected directly into your account.


Waven 0.13 APK offers a unique gaming experience in a flooded world where gods and dragons once ruled. Immerse yourself in the magic that still lingers, choose your hero, and equip your best spells to embark on an incredible odyssey. Uncover the secrets of this post-apocalyptic realm and shape the destiny of the remaining islands. The dawn of a new era awaits - are you ready to set sail?

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