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Vintage Story APK 1.19.4 Download for Android 2024

App By:
Anego Systems
1.19.4 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 03, 2024
501 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Vintage Story APK is an uncompromising wilderness survival sandbox game influenced by eldritch horror themes. You are trapped in a ruined world reclaimed by nature and affected by unpredictable temporal disturbances. You can relive the birth of civilization or follow a path of your own choosing.

About Vintage Story APK

Vintage Story Download APK was created with the intention of pushing the survival voxel game genre to its limits. Tyron and Saraty enjoyed playing this genre together with great joy for many years, which was established by that one game we all know and love. After being unhappy with how this game was developing, they introduced hundreds of collectible butterflies to liven up the game world and keep it interesting with the mod Butterfly Mania. Vintagecraft was a total conversion mod with its own terrain generation, blocks, crafting mechanics, and slow progression system that evolved from these modding efforts. The limitations of the 3rd party modding API became more apparent.

Multiple ages of progress

Start out in the stone age with nothing and learn to survive by foraging, hunting, crafting, and fighting. Learn to work iron, mechanize common tasks, and eventually reached the steel age by melting copper for more powerful tools, creating bronze alloys, and smelting copper for more powerful tools.

A wicked universe with an original storyline

Discover the remnants of civilization by taking on the role of a lost being in the body of a tall blue creature. You must piece together who you are and what has happened based on the little evidence you have left. You will encounter wayward creatures, discover old stories, battle temporal instability, and endure temporal storms on your journey.

A million square kilometers of landscape generated at random

Discover a wide range of cute, strange, dangerous, and horrifying creatures in this vast open world. To keep exploration of the world fresh and exciting, Vintage Story makes extensive use of procedural technology to create a wide variety of landscapes, climate conditions, and geological features.

Simulation of the real world

After 6 years of continuous development, the VS game engine now accurately replicates seasons, soil fertility, rock strata, localized weather patterns, rain, snowfall, hail, realistic climate distributions, food spoilage, body temperature, animal husbandry, farming, block physics, stunning sunsets and night skies, mineralogy, knapping, clayform, metallurgy, smithing, microblock editing, and more.

Inspiring by nature

Vintage Story is heavily influenced by natural processes that occur in the real world and implements them into a fun and engaging game. The aim of our game is to capture the beauty of the natural world and enhance the experience of playing it.

A high standard is upheld

Fair & Independent

Marketplace a loot box is not allowed. A microtransaction-free environment. DLC is not paid. Fees are not hidden. No pay2win. No ads. No user data monetization. No software patents. No shareholders. No publishers. No NFTs. No BlockChain. No 3rd party interests.


Vintage Story Download APK runs on our own cross-platform game engine. It allows us to customize the engine exactly to our needs while maintaining a low hardware requirement. We are 100% independent.


We strive to cultivate a friendly, supportive community. You can find us on our official forum, our Discord chat server, our wiki, and our mod directory. The game comes with out-of-the-box anti-grief mechanics for multiplayer. There is a direct contact method for you to get in touch with the developers.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your game experience. The game was built from the ground up with modding in mind - new content is added via our own mod API. There is a readable source license for half of the game. The tools we built, such as the mod database and the modeling and animation tools, we made open source.

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