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8.8.2 for Android
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Jul 24, 2023
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9.0 and up
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Overview of Varlens APK

Varlens APK has redesigned photography interaction. Almost all the functions are arranged on the main interface, so that you can control them all when you are shooting.

Varlens cameras are high quality all-rounders. With more than 100 functions, it is easy to use and can be started quickly

As soon as it hit the shelves, it was recommended as a "Fresh App" and was frequently selected as an "Editor's Choice."

Awarded Taiwanese and Hong Kongese "Today App" status

Features of Varlens APK

Photographing at a micro level

  • Mirrorless cameras have six modes: auto, portrait, time-lapse, light trail, manual, and program
  • The effect is comparable to that of a telephoto lens on a SLR camera, simulating large-aperture optical bokeh
  • Smart de-sharpening eliminates oversharpening on iPhone cameras
  • Digital zoom of 20x, f/1.1 large aperture, ultra-long exposure of 30 seconds, and time-lapse interval of 60 seconds
  • ISO, shutter, EV, white balance, focal length, multiple metering modes, and locked focus are all adjustable manually
  • Models above 14Pro support HEIC and ProRAW 12MP / 48MP pixels, 12bit / 10bit bit depth settings and HEIC and ProRAW 12MP / 48MP pixels
  • The following tools and equipment are used: reference line, spirit level, pitch angle, histogram, zebra pattern, focus peaking, magnifying glass, mirror front lens
  • Shutter with Bluetooth
  • Supports iPhone, iPad. Members can synchronize multiple devices

Analog presets, classic filters, self-made extensions

  • We have carefully selected and meticulously restored dozens of black and white and vintage film filters, master classics, and art film filters.
  • Film and television grade color files can be imported using .cube, .3dl and other 3DLUT file types
  • There are a number of parameters that can be freely adjusted, such as intensity, exposure, grain, vignette, and photo frame, so you can easily create your own unique effects.
  • A variety of classic CCD and Polaroid analog presets, with dozens of parameters to tweak
  • Particles, light effects, light leaks, rainbows, neon, color shakes, scratches, creases, dates, and many other special effects are available in the presets. There will be many special effects generated randomly, which makes it more enjoyable to play

Retouching and color correction by professionals

  • The original HSL+ tool, easy to adjust the color of the picture, better than Lightroom and VSCO
  • You can adjust focus and aperture when editing portrait mode photos in post-production
  • Numerous parameters such as aperture, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, hue, denoising, grain, vignette, curve tool, posterization, etc.
  • Full-process, high-definition, high-quality processing, including shooting, saving, editing, and modifying the original image repeatedly
  • Artistic photo frame that displays the camera manufacturer, model, and other EXIF shooting parameters
  • Logo made by myself

Movies and TV blockbusters are filmed on mobile phones

  • You can shoot handheld video at film-level stability with 3-level anti-shake
  • A real-time cinematic filter for slow motion video up to 240 frames per second
  • A one-time video production without post-production editing is possible by pausing and continuing to shoot
  • Formats: SDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision
  • Recording formats: HEVC, H264, ProRes
  • Binaural pickup display, stereo recording
  • Recording videos without noise

The ultimate experience

  • A large number of widgets: Golden Time, Photography Mode, Commonly Used Filters, and Image Editing, which can be activated by a simple click on the home screen
  • Optimize GPU, CPU, and NPU performance to save power
  • Light-painting photography records the process of light-painting, while time-lapse photography creates time-lapse video automatically
  • A left-handed interface is designed for users who are left-handed
  • An elderly user-friendly interface with a large font size
  • Advanced settings offer more preferences

A rigorous testing and tuning process has been performed on Varlens' photography and post-production photo editing functions to ensure professional quality and results.

A consistent set of modes, parameters, and format names is used in professional photography

A great camera for casual shooting, selfies, street photography, humanities, children, portraits, flowers, pets, food, still life, travel, weddings, wedding photography, and more

You can learn photography by searching articles and videos online, and experience photography's fun

Varlens can be used by beginners as an entry-level mirrorless camera

Advanced photographers can make use of Varlens' professional features and use their mobile phones to capture the extreme light and shadow effects they encounter in their daily lives.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions. You can pass the feedback through the app.

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