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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 12, 2024
250 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Until Then APK is a captivating narrative adventure game that delves into memory and reality. The game follows Mark, whose life is dramatically altered by a pivotal encounter. Mark and his friends must navigate a web of mysteries to uncover the hidden truth before time runs out as people around them disappear and memories become increasingly unreliable. The game combines narrative storytelling with suspenseful gameplay, making it a compelling choice for fans of narrative-driven games.

About Until Then APK

As the world struggles to recover from catastrophe, Mark Borja and his friends navigate the joys and woes of another year of high school. As you reminisce about high school life's daily insecurities, wake up in a typical teenage bedroom, practice piano, meet homework deadlines, build (and burn) relationships.

A fateful meeting triggers a chain reaction, upending Mark's life. A person disappears and memories become unreliable. Mark and his friends must unravel a mystery before it's too late in this narrative adventure.

Your own adventure awaits

You will meet a diverse group of characters to converse with in person, via text, and via email. Watch their individual personal stories unfold alongside yours as you get to know them, build relationships, flunk group projects, and build relationships with them.

Explore the setting using everyday technology

Explore the depths of social media where your likes and comments can have consequences. Your in-game smartphone lets you scroll through social posts, emails, webpages, and more to discover clues about people and the world around you. You can chat with your friends, classmates, and even strangers.

Learn about Love, Loss, and Friendship

The main character should be able to address philosophical issues. You will make mistakes and have to make difficult decisions. Will Mark stand up for his friends and be there for them when they need him or will he let them down? Does he have the strength to let go of the past and heal his wounds? Consider how Mark grows and strives to become a better person throughout the story.

Take part in addictive minigames

The first time I inserted the flash drive was the right one - oh wait, the wrong way - yeah, it was right the first time. You and your friend can fight at the food stand outside for more fishballs. Make sure you are in the groove when it comes to paying for the jeepney. Play little games you find yourself playing in everyday life and lose yourself in them.

Immerse yourself in cinematic visuals

Immerse yourself in the warm colors and music of a world trying to move on from tragedy and witness an intriguing narrative presented in hand-drawn pixel art. A 3D environment blends characters, landscapes, and props. This lovingly crafted experience is characterized by shadows, reflections, and lighting.

Get a taste of Philippine culture and locations

Discover the truth as you traverse Philippine-inspired landscapes. The world of Until Then is set in a fictional version of the Philippines, from the heart of the bustling capital to long bus rides past grass fields and coast towns. The interior spaces are shaped by the mannerisms of the locals, setting the scene for an earlier era.

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