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App By:
VNG Corporation
0.17.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 28, 2023
1.20 GB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
Role Playing

Thiên Dụ Mod APK - You own this world, so enjoy every moment!

This is also the message and value that NetEase Games and VNG Games want to convey to players. After four years of research and development, we hope that Revelation - Thien Du will be a product that entertains players during their youth years. I'm tired of working and studying. Revelation is not only a quality entertainment product in terms of graphics and images, but also gives you a sense of freedom in a vast universe of sea and sky with great features and experiences. Our uniqueness is only found in Revelation: Thien Du. Revelation - Thien Du Mobile is invested in more detail and depth than its predecessor PC version with 4 design and development philosophies, things that only Revelation - Thien Du Mobile can do:

About Thiên Dụ Mod APK

Thien Du Mod APK is a 3D legendary swordplay game recently released by NetEase, a famous game publisher. There is a game with the most ring points because of its novel features that create an entirely different feeling from other games in the same genre available today on mobile devices.

Thien Du is also known for its meticulously designed characters accompanied by beautiful romantic scene animations, despite ending as a swordplay game, so the moves cannot be ignored. Players lose their minds because the combo effects are so elaborate.

NetEase invested a huge amount of money into Thien Du mobile, making it a super product by 2020. Content, plot, and images are all edited and designed methodically. Even I find it difficult to disparage the move, the gestures of the special characters when launching skills, which players will be able to see clearly.


With its famous MMORPG gameplay and many new features, the game stands out as soon as the user experiences the login screen. In this swordplay game, players will enter a world where heroes have fallen like wind and wandered around the world, except for the eradication of evil.

Free Thien Du creates a fantasy world that takes players into the wild to complete daily quests and participate in exciting activities. Floating with friends and clan brothers.

In order to gain valuable items, players will need to hunt monsters during certain time zones. Additionally, players can also participate in top PVP battles, beautiful competitions, and go on a path to becoming a fairy along with the heroes on the whole server. First place.

Any player will love and live in this world

On the basis of a series of scenic spots, refer to thousands of entertainment shows, parks, and actual amusement parks. Revelation: Thien Du brings a vast, lively sea and sky world where players can fly through the clouds or swim in the deep sea, while still feeling connected to reality. Enhance the immersion in the most authentic, majestic, overwhelming and authentic scenery of Thien Du Mobile.

Anybody can do any work they want!

Thien Du Mobile wants to bring players a positive emotion through creating an image that they can't and wouldn't dare to do in reality.

On the market today, the facial shaping and fashion system offers the greatest degree of freedom. There is a high level of detail and quality in the game that surpasses that of the best mobile role-playing games available today.

Community and career systems are highly emphasized for the ability to develop the player's character and also NPCs with advanced AI systems to enhance the depth of the game.

In Revelation - Thien Du, you can become a musician, dancer, fashion designer, chef, or hiep dao. With this career system, players can exploit content and creativity freely, create a comprehensive, friendly ecosystem, and especially build an important vehicle for them. In both games and real life, breakthrough play has entered a new era.

Discover your world with freedom

Players can freely choose whether they want to conquer, freely explore or find the truth of the world in Thien Du Mobile, a game that emphasizes freedom and exploration gameplay.

With over 100 plot details, 300 collecting missions, and 500 minigames, players will experience real-world exploration and discovery!

Conquer & conquer international countries with a complete eco-system

System with multi-national PvP - the non-target PK feature enhances the naturalness and richness of the Revelation - Thien Du experience, creating the most colorful and attractive free social network.

A selection of MMORPG games will be presented in Thien Du in the most comprehensive and optimized way possible. It will also be the first mobile MMORPG to define eSports for this series, so stay tuned!

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