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App By:
Team 17 Digital Limited
1.10.681181 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 17, 2023
Required Android:
9.0 and up

The Escapists 2 is offered by Team 17 Digital Limited and is loaded with amazing features. This game offers so many features. Moreover, it is a thrilling and hilarious sandbox strategy game.

Playing this game will leave you with an unforgettable experience; you won't regret it. It is not as easy as you may think to escape prison. With a well-developed plan, you can easily accomplish this through this game.

You can customize your con in The Escapists 2 with numerous customization options. One of the best things about the game is that you can play alone or with three friends. Creating an amazing escape is the goal.

A plot escape in Immerse Hatch

Put yourself in the life of death, and you'll become a dangerous criminal trying to escape. Just touch the screen to control your character. Put the item you want to steal in your inventory by clicking on it. The player needs to follow the daily activities of a criminal prison with many police officers who strictly manage prisoners. It is, however, necessary to use the correctional officer's loophole to steal the items necessary to dig the wall in order to survive.

In order to escape, you may even need to create useful items from the items you steal. You will steal clothes, keys, and other items from the room of a warden at night. It is also possible to dress up as a policeman in order to sneak up on other police officers. In the event that the alarm goes off, you must use the key to unlock the door and run away from the hunter.

Get a new look for yourself

In addition to thinking about escaping, you can customize the prisoner's appearance with 300 options. It is your choice whether your representative is male or female, whether he or she has short or long hair, etc. Escape the prison with a cool and unique style only in The Escapists 2. In addition to its new graphics, many players love this game because it is so much fun to play. While playing the game, players will see their characters work and speak very honestly, which gives the game a more appealing feel. Also, the sound adds drama to the escape scenes.

The Escapists 2 is the perfect game for you if you're looking for a game with many challenges and upgraded items. In the game, you can craft weapons or live as a prisoner. You will have fun adventures with many teammates in the game as you fight in prison to find a way to freedom. Escape in the most skillful way to conquer the levels!

Multiplayer local for 4 players

Planning becomes much easier once you understand and sequence important factors. In order to begin the journey, you will need to work with three other prisoners. Create and trade the things you make and hide them during the "obedient" time in prison. Free time for chatting and playing sports is helpful, as mentioned earlier. You will be able to accomplish a lot in this rebellion if you build a good relationship with other prisoners.

Use all that has accumulated to escape quietly when it is convenient. Your hidden items contribute to the creation of secret paths. You may sneak past prison guards or bribe them, as well as prevent attacks and block targets. By doing so, you will always be in the driving seat and create an unprecedented prison break. The light of freedom will then overwhelm the darkness of the cold dungeons.


  • A new and addictive prison simulation game!
  • Check out these 13 handpicked indie sandboxes!
  • Get the items you need to make dozens of crafting combinations to aid your escape by purchasing, bartering, and beating your way to them!
  • Prison life is filled with routine, so make sure you attend role calls, report for duty, and remain invisible.
  • It's your time, so make the most of it! Make sure you train your mind at the library and your body at the gym so you can break out with both brains and brawn!
  • Using the revamped combat system, you'll chain and block your way to an epic beatdown.
  • Crafty is all about crafting a prisoner, forge friendships, or outright bribe guards!

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