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Version: for Android
Updated On:
May 14, 2024
1.2 GB
Required Android:
Android 7.0+

The Classrooms APK is a procedural, liminal-space, found-footage, survival horror game. Discover the various anomalies in The Classrooms, including malicious entities and harmless oddities. Your found footage is unique each time you play, so remember that.

About The Classrooms APK

The Classrooms is a procedural, found footage, liminal-space survival horror game. A year after the local public school was condemned in 1996, Robert Chen took his VHS camera to investigate the disappearances of numerous students, among them his younger sister. As soon as he enters the premises, he finds himself lost in a seemingly endless maze of halls and classrooms. Find out what is on the tape that he left behind. You can explore the Classrooms and discover a wide variety of anomalies, from malicious creatures to harmless ones. Play it a few times, and you will find footage that is unique to you each time.

World of Procedures

In The Classrooms, the world is procedurally generated and is different every time you play. A gameplay experience that's always full of surprises is ensured by millions of possible layouts and procedural elements.


Watch out for the various entities that live in The Classrooms. To survive, one must thoroughly investigate the properties of entities, ranging from harmless to extremely dangerous. All entities have unique mechanics that set them apart from one another.


Proximity Voice: Your input device affects the game world with your sound. The sound of your voice can reveal your location to certain entities, but maybe your voice can be used to your advantage.

Inventory: Locate and use items such as codex entries, keys, and equipment. There might be differences between the items available to you and the items available to another person.

Entities: Discover and survive the unique mechanics of each one.


The Classroom Game APK offers a thrilling and immersive horror experience for mobile gamers. With its scary visuals, challenging puzzles, hidden secrets, and intuitive controls, this game will keep players on the edge of their seats. Whether you're a horror aficionado or simply looking for a thrilling adventure, The Classroom Game APK is a must-have for your mobile game collection.

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