Subtransit Drive APK V1.0.7 APK

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App By:
Wagon Software LLC
1.0.7 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 01, 2023
780 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

Subtransit Drive APK - With great features, this is a realistic train driving simulator in the subway. An exact copy of the metro lines, advanced graphics, and an online mode! Without exaggeration, this is a real hit in its niche! This game is exactly what you need if you ever dreamt of being a subway train driver, because it features all the elements of a real driver's cab. Excellent graphic processing both inside and outside, clear, realistic sound, and more! Subway rush hour is always stressful, but not for you! Complete your mission by delivering passengers to their destinations in this metal car. Every aspect of your route can be customized - the time, the train type, the congestion on the lines, etc. The advanced hint system will chew everything up to the smallest detail even if you are a beginner. Select the desired button for each action to customize the control.

You can experience driving a real train anywhere and anytime. Learn how to operate a vehicle with fully simulated internal systems in a highly realistic environment while adhering to a strict driving schedule and learning operating procedures with friends.

  • Underground train line accuracy
  • Functionality of all controls
  • High-quality graphics
  • Designing immersive sounds
  • Support for multiplayer
  • Traffic generated by AI
  • System of ranking
  • System of adaptive assistance

Explore hidden underground worlds

During rush hour, maintain the shortest possible distance between the other controllers while holding the master controller. Train handling is remarkably flexible thanks to the extraordinary freedom of operation of the controls. Specify the departure time, type of rolling stock, congestion on the line, and starting point of the journey.

Create a new area for experiments

With the assistance system, beginners can learn and experts can challenge themselves in harsh conditions, performing error-free operations and eliminating delays. A person's profile and access to features are influenced by their knowledge, skills, and experience. To enhance immersion in the process, external input devices and adjustable layouts are available.

Get to know the line's behavior

Subtransit Drive brings realistic physics and interactions with line infrastructure to the genre for the first time. In response to changes in line operation, signaling, radio communication, and power distribution systems respond and allow you to experience the driving dynamics. Tunnel signs now demand attention, as do switches and moving speed limit zones.

A connection to the Internet is required for some features of the game.

Features of Subtransit Drive APK

  • Graphics are gorgeous;
  • Metro lines copied exactly!
  • Authentic sound;
  • Simulators of all genres have the most detailed management.

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