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Stock 999 Fifa Mobile APK V18.0.04 Download latest Version

App By:
Electronic Arts
18.0.04 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 19, 2023
178.2 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

App is a version of the world's most popular soccer game available on Android. You must form the best team to dominate the field during each match in this new season, featuring improved graphics and high levels of playability. You will be in charge of strengthening the squad by opening packs and managing your tactics in order to maximize the quality of hundreds of real players.

A well-organized main menu gives you access to different game modes in app. In this edition of FIFA, the Ultimate Team mode allows you to show off your skills. During each game, you will get packs that you can open instantly to get virtual cards of the best soccer players in the world. These players include Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema and Robert Lewandowski.

App offers the same tactics and lineups for your Ultimate Team (FUT) as the PC or console versions. This section shows the connections generated by the players in each area of the field, and you will need to choose one player or another depending on the opponent.

A new manager mode is another interesting aspect of app. In this mechanic, you will sit on the bench in each match to watch the ninety minutes from the perspective of a manager. Your team will have to define rehearsed plays on the fly or decide on changes to give it freshness.

There are four camera modes available in app during matches. You can adjust the viewing angle with these well-differentiated perspectives, making controlling your team's game very easy. Furthermore, you can generate offensive and defensive plays by tapping the joystick and action buttons as in other editions.

App also features new kits and official badges of world soccer teams. You can also find the badges of more than thirty national teams during this new season. You will be able to recognize the faces of soccer players competing in the top leagues around the world thanks to the FIFA Pro license. There will be more than enough realism in every celebration, once again.

You can experience the magic of soccer with app for Android from EA Sports. EA Sports FC is a great soccer game for Android users, and the latest edition promises great joy.

What Does It Do?

The app game is one of the most exciting sports associated with the EA Mobile and EA Canada video game that EA Sports published. app is available with many series; it is one of those games which is loved by all age groups people from kids to elder people, especially those who like to spend their time with friends. Many people enjoy playing multiple games with their friends. app remains the number one choice from which EA Sports has developed a variety of series.

Furthermore, app's initial series was designed as single-player games, but due to its popularity, their higher series has been developed as multiplayer games. There are several app game series, but FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer is the most popular. It is the characters who are responsible for the primary victory of the game. Nevertheless, there are many other reasons, which are listed below.

It is very important for game developers to create animated characters that look like real football players.

Gameplay techniques inspired everyone to play the game, which made it a hit.

New technologies and unique features are added to every series of games.


For you to properly manage your gameplay and beat other players, you need to know several basic features of the game. An overview of the in-game features and other important information can be found below.

Money without limits

Players on your team can be upgraded with money/coins and new player packs can be purchased with coins. By playing single-player or multiplayer games or simply using app, you can earn coins. If you win, you will receive more coins, while if you lose, you will receive fewer coins. Earning lots of coins is easy when you play campaign missions.

As a side note, playing the game religiously will earn you the required currency. If you buy these currencies with real money, you can get them right away, but this will take a lot of time. With the modified version, you can generate unlimited in-game coins without investing your money or your valuable time.

FIFA Points without a limit

They are premium game currency that can be used to purchase gold category players and rare players. Coins cannot be used to purchase these players. Completion of various achievements and winning league matches can also earn you FIFA points.

Also, FIFA points can be converted into coins, which makes them a medium of conversion. Our app Hack, however, allows you to generate both currencies quickly.

Unlimited stamina in app

There are many things in the game that rely on it, such as matchplay in single-player, multiplayer, and campaign mode. Moreover, you need stamina to train your individual players so they can improve their skills.

During the game, stamina automatically regenerates over time, and you can also gain it by leveling up. Energy can be purchased with FIFA Points if you don't have any. You can get it with app, by the way.

Skills Points & Scouting Points

Every four hours, you receive one Scouting point, which you can use to discover talented players around the world. The game awards skill points when you complete missions and achievements. An individual player's skill point or an entire team's skill point is emphasized in different skill points. As an alternative to Scouting/Skill Points in the game, you can also consider FIFA Points (which can be acquired using app).

Easy to control

There is a straightforward control interface in the game, unlike consoles, which have a complex one. You can pass the ball to other players by tapping, and you can shoot by sliding the screen. You can even access the sprint buttons and movement analogs on the game screen, making all the controls simple and easy to use.

Final Thoughts

This App for Android devices is another amazing one. It's great that you have this ultimate apk with you, and on top of that, you have the premium version 18.0.04 of this apk. Have fun by following the above-mentioned instructions. And share this with your friends and family members.

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