Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK

Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK 1.7.0 Download for Android 2024

App By:
Cold Soda
1.7.0 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 15, 2024
63 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK is an arcade game developed by Cold Soda. Throughout the game, you will experience various stages and cool parkour. Simple jumps and dashes are all you need.

You must actively avoid the variety of obstacles which will emerge and come your way, as it is an obstacle course game. Your eyes must be fixed on the prize, or your target, or your goal.

A single hit from an obstacle will end the game. Make sure you move cautiously, skillfully, and strategically.

About Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK

Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK is a 2D arcade platformer where players must try to reach the end of an obstacle-filled path. However, it won't be easy. Your journey will be filled with obstacles that you'll have to jump over and dodge.

Smashing Rush has simple controls: on the right is the dash button, and on the left is the jump button. You will be able to double jump like in many other games of the same type. For you to overcome the obstacles in the game, you will need to combine the jump, the double jump, and the dash.

Geometry Dash is one of the clearest inspirations behind Smashing Rush, despite it not appearing to be at first glance. Why is that so? The game will present you with a unique setting, which will always be the same. You will have to know it by heart if you want to win. Playing the game (and failing) will allow you to unlock new characters, which will add some variety to it.

Smashing Rush is an excellent arcade platform game that offers a fast-paced and addictive experience. There are also extraordinary graphics in the game, and the cast of characters is very charismatic.

How to play

- The character should move to the jump/dash position.

- The goal is to avoid various obstacles and reach the finish line.

- You lose the game if you hit an obstacle.


- Play for free

- Operation is easy

- Different stages

- A variety of characters

- Three modes

- A game that doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection

- Support for tablets

- Low-cost device support


Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK is a thrilling and engaging mobile game that combines parkour excitement with action-packed gameplay. With its realistic parkour mechanics, variety of maps, challenging enemies, and social features, the game offers an immersive and rewarding experience for parkour players and casual gamers alike. Download Smashing Rush Parkour Action APK today and experience parkour thrills like never before!

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