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Saudi Visa Bio APK 2.2.0 Download for Android 2024

2.2.0 for Android
Updated On:
May 22, 2023
167 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
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Saudi Visa Bio Apk is a free mobile app that simplifies the submission of fingerprints and facial images for visa applications to Saudi Arabia. This travel app can be used by anyone, regardless of nationality, to complete their biometric enrollment procedure quickly and easily.

The Saudi Visa Bio app lets you securely submit biometric data as part of your visa application once you've applied for a visa. By eliminating the need to queue up at a Visa Service Center, it eliminates the need to travel to one.

About Saudi Visa Bio APK

Using the Saudi Visa Bio app, visitors to Saudi Arabia can securely submit their biometric data during the visa application process.

If you have already applied for a visa to enter Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Visa Bio app will help you submit your fingerprints and facial image. By using this app, you can enroll in your biometrics anytime, anywhere - no need to queue at a Visa Service Center, just your smartphone and passport.

Saudi Visa Bio makes it easy to:

  • Your passport information and visa application number should be submitted
  • Your biometric information, such as your facial image and fingerprint, must be submitted
  • You can complete the biometric enrollment process in under 10 minutes in real-time

Saudi Visa Bio app requires the following information to complete biometric enrollment:

  • A valid email address
  • A picture of your passport and passport details
  • A photo capture of your face
  • A photo capture of your fingers

The data collected will only be used to verify your identity as part of the visa application process. We guarantee your privacy; we promise not to sell or share any of your information. After biometric enrollment is complete, all collected data will be automatically deleted from the app.


Saudi Visa Bio Apk, which eliminates the need for passengers to physically attend the Visa Service Center, is the easiest and most practical way for potential passengers to provide their biometric information during the visa application process. The app does not have any protections against false biometric data being entered, which is concerning.

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