Nequi Glitch APK

Nequi Glitch APK 6.0.0 Download for Android

App By:
Bancolombia S.A
6.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 07, 2023
323 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
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Explanation of the Nequi Glitch scam also known as a davitrampa or nequi trap. This scam is easy to carry out, as it only consists of one apk. However, it is important to understand how it works not to be a victim. This video can help prevent theft from users and entrepreneurs or locals.

About Nequi Glitch APK

Nequi has become a very relevant banking application in Colombia. Well, since it came into the country, it has become quite attractive since you can send and receive money simply by using a cell phone number. This has led to Nequi reaching 14.8 million total clients by 2022, which represents a gigantic challenge to maintain stability in its application and security.

Specifically, alerts have been raised about a new app called 'Nequi Glitch' that is also gaining quite a bit of popularity little by little. In the alerts, it is stated that the APK format of this illegal application has been specially designed to imitate Nequi's interface so that fraud can be detected when it is committed.

According to specialized technology media, when making a payment through Nequi, the scammers pretend that they are going to pay, but then they temporarily block the phone account after making several failed attempts to enter.

The scammers then issue false invoices for money transfers or payments, which the victim will trust, so if he is selling something, he sends the product, causing not only economic losses but also loss of property.

How does the Nequi Glitch work?

How Nequi Glitch works is simple. Scammers download an illegal application in APK format specially created to imitate the Nequi interface. This is why they can show it when committing fraud.

When making a payment through Nequi, scammers pretend to pay, but temporarily block the phone account for a number of failed login attempts.

Once this is done, the scammers open the Nequi Glitch app, where they fill out the details as if it were a normal transaction. As a result, the application generates a false payment receipt that is sent to the person responsible for delivering the products or goods.

While seeing the supposed receipt on the buyer's phone, the scammer receives a fake text message on his cell phone. This text message 'verifies' that the transaction was completed successfully. However, the money is never sent since it never passed through Nequi's systems.

If the person asks about the Nequi notification that never arrives, the scammers say it is because the account was blocked. However, they have already sent the money.

How can Nequi Glitch users avoid scams?

It is essential that users do not download applications that are not part of the official app stores, since to be part of Google Play or Apps Story, developers must go through a series of filters that guarantee some security.

If you sell and buy products online, always verify the income of the money, not only in the receipts but also in your balances to avoid falling for false certifications. Text messages are often used to verify a person's identity, but they can also be forged by criminals.

Lastly, never share sensitive or personal information with unknown individuals. It makes you even more susceptible to becoming a scam victim when you engage in such harmful practices.


The Nequi Glitch APK has proven to be a problematic application due to its numerous glitches and technical issues. Users have reported experiencing frequent crashes, slow response times, and difficulty accessing certain features. As a result, the overall user experience has been severely affected. This makes it necessary for developers to address these issues promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

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