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1.1 for Android
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Nov 16, 2023
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9.0 and up

My Coloring Book Free is a fun and easy coloring app Developed by Gortz Media Corporation! Over 130 pictures to color.

A World of Colors

My Coloring Book offers a vast palette of bright and captivating colors, providing users with ample choices to bring their imagination to life. From bold reds and blues to soothing greens and purples, this app allows for a myriad of color combinations to create stunning artwork. Whether you're coloring intricate designs or simple shapes, the variety of colors ensures an enjoyable and visually appealing experience.

Convenience in Your Hands

One of My Coloring Book's remarkable advantages is its portability. Unlike traditional coloring books and crayons, this app fits right into the palm of your hand, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go entertainment. Say goodbye to dropped crayons or inaccessible books – with My Coloring Book, the touch screen interface provides a hassle-free coloring experience for both kids and adults.

Endless Creativity

My Coloring Book is not just a coloring app; it encourages creativity and self-expression. Users can choose from a wide range of designs, from intricate mandalas to cute animals and landscapes, allowing endless possibilities. Whether you prefer to stay within the lines or experiment with abstract coloring techniques, this app empowers you to unleash your artistic potential.

Engaging and Positive Activity

In today's digital age, finding activities that capture children while being educational and positive can be challenging. My Coloring Book fills this void by offering a screen time experience that stimulates creativity and cognitive skills. By providing an interactive and immersive coloring experience, this app keeps children engaged in a productive and enjoyable pastime.

A Family-Friendly App

My Coloring Book is an app that the whole family can enjoy together. Whether you're looking for a bonding activity or simply want to unwind, this app provides a shared experience that brings family members closer. Parents can join their children in exploring the vast color palette, experimenting with different designs, and creating beautiful artworks. It's a wonderful way to spend quality time and encourage creativity within the family unit.

Features of My Coloring Book Free Android APK

Over 130 Hand Drawn Pictures

With a staggering collection of over 130 hand-drawn pictures, this app is a treasure trove of artistic delights. From animals to fantasy landscapes, the visual diversity ensures that every coloring session is a new adventure for your child's imagination. The app goes beyond the ordinary, offering a spectrum of pictures that captivate and inspire.

Developing Hand-Eye Coordination

Coloring is not just a pastime; it's a developmental milestone. My Coloring Book Free APK actively contributes to your child's hand-eye coordination. The simple yet engaging interface encourages precision, as little fingers grasp virtual crayons to fill the digital canvas with vibrant hues. It's a delightful dance of creativity and motor skill enhancement.

Saving Pictures for Easy Sharing

Picture this: your child completes a masterpiece, and you want to share it with friends and family. The app makes it a breeze to save and share these artworks, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. Encouraging children to share their creations nurtures social skills and opens avenues for self-expression.

Automatic Saves for Works in Progress

Children often jump from one activity to another. My Coloring Book Free APK understands this dynamic and automatically saves works in progress. No more lost masterpieces due to an abrupt shift in attention. This feature not only provides convenience but also teaches children the value of continuity and finishing what they start.

Easy Clearing of Coloring Pages

A clean slate is essential for boundless creativity. The app's user-friendly option to clear coloring pages and start afresh ensures that every session begins with a blank canvas. This not only reduces frustration but also instills the idea that mistakes are part of the learning process.

Pinch to Zoom for Precision

Small details matter, even in the world of digital coloring. The app's pinch-to-zoom functionality allows children to focus on intricate details, enhancing their ability to color smaller areas with precision. It's a technological twist that empowers children to explore their creativity down to the tiniest strokes.

Kid-Tested and Approved

What sets My Coloring Book Free APK apart is that it's not just developer-approved; it's kid-tested and kid-approved. Real testimonials from young users attest to the app's appeal and usability. In a world where children are often the best judges, this app has earned its place as a go-to coloring companion.

The Importance of Perplexity in Child Development

Childhood is a time of exploration and discovery, and perplexity plays a crucial role in cognitive growth. Perplexity, in simple terms, refers to the state of being puzzled or confused. It might sound counterintuitive, but it's in these moments of uncertainty that a child's brain is most active, absorbing and processing information.

Engaging activities like coloring introduce a level of perplexity as children navigate through color choices, decide where to start, and experiment with different strokes. My Coloring Book Free APK recognizes the significance of perplexity in child development, providing an environment that encourages exploration and cognitive growth.

Burstiness in Learning Through Play

Burstiness, in the context of learning, refers to the sporadic and intense bursts of engagement. Children are naturally inclined towards bursty learning, where short, focused periods of activity yield meaningful results. My Coloring Book Free APK aligns perfectly with this concept.

The app's features are designed to cater to a child's attention span, allowing them to immerse themselves in bursts of creative energy. Whether it's a quick coloring session during a break or a longer exploration on a lazy afternoon, the burstiness in learning through play is a testament to the app's thoughtful design.

Creating Lasting Memories

Beyond the developmental benefits, My Coloring Book Free APK contributes to creating lasting memories for children and parents alike. Each saved artwork becomes a digital keepsake, capturing a moment in time when creativity flourished. These memories, stored in the digital realm, add a sentimental layer to the overall experience.


My Coloring Book is a fun and engaging coloring app that offers a wide variety of colors, convenience, and endless creativity. With its user-friendly touch screen interface, this app is suitable for all ages, making it an ideal choice for children and adults alike. By providing an interactive and positive activity, My Coloring Book ensures that your children stay entertained while fostering their artistic talents. So, why wait? Download My Coloring Book today and embark on a colorful creativity journey!

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