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Mobile2 Global APK 1.3 Download for Android 2024

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1.3 for Android
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Feb 10, 2024
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5.0 and up
Role Playing

Mobile2 Global APK consists of a fantastic world, quests to complete, battles against monsters, and interaction with other players. The game features a variety of character classes, each with their own unique abilities. Characters can be customized and enhanced to become stronger based on players' preferences.

A variety of missions, dungeons, and enemy camps can be found in the game. It is important to complete these missions in order to obtain items and experience points. The players can also engage in various activities and join forces to fight powerful enemies together. The game also includes PvP (Player versus Player) battles, which allow players to challenge each other.

Mobile2 provides a social experience. The game allows players to invite friends, form guilds, and participate in guild battles. Additionally, players can trade and buy/sell items within the game, contributing to the economy.

The game provides MMORPG enthusiasts with impressive visuals, a large game world, and rich gameplay options. Playable anywhere, anytime on mobile devices, players can immerse themselves in this exciting world.

A free version of Mobile2 can be downloaded, but in-app purchases and subscriptions may be available. In order to continue exploring and progressing in the game, players are provided with regular updates and added content.


Exotic Fantasy Empire of the Martial Arts with Far Eastern characters and architecture.

Explore spectacular villages and stunning landscapes, especially among Asian warriors who have been transmitting fighting techniques for generations. Watch out, there are many dangers lurking where you least expect them! You can defend yourself with a sword and bow, or perhaps with an elegant bell and fan.

Groups of smart monsters attack you

Inflict Suspicious Wounds on multiple creatures during combat. Even if you have defeated an enemy, be very careful and continue to defend yourself, because the enemy won't leave you alone easily. There are a lot of dead Text stones around, so be careful!

Be a member of a powerful guild and influence the fate of your empire

The results of individual battles affect not only the guild's status, but also the experience value of each guild member. There are several positions in the country that need to be captured. Non-player characters can also be deployed and controlled with increased power.

Engage in terrible battles with the inhabitants of other realms. [Metin2 Mobile]

The dominance of your empire on the continent is at stake in close combat. Victorious countries, glory and fame await a successful hero with material wealth, including money and property. Yes, you too! As a result, you will be able to obtain higher military ranks in future empire wars.

Types of Characters


Warriors are important in melee due to their skills and thick armor. Their physical strength and well-balanced, calm minds allow them to survive larger battles as well.

Their two-handed swords can inflict massive damage on the battlefield depending on their specialization. One-handed swords. By combining a one-handed sword with a shield, the warrior can protect himself from any attacks from his opponent.


Ninjas are professional killers who can strike suddenly from any ambush. Dark warriors wear light armor due to the skill and speed required to perform this task. As a result, they are able to perform quick and precise maneuvers in battle.

Ninjas are adept at using daggers or bows for ranged combat, depending on their level of expertise.


Shamans use magic and magic in their battles because they have gained wisdom from long and hard work. Their mystical abilities are not just used to benefit themselves, but also to benefit others.

Shamans gain specializations such as the ability to amplify their attacks or to heal themselves. Spells that are auxiliary. Mobile version of Metin2


Suras are warriors who gain magical power when they hold Seeds of Evil. They use magic to damage opponents from a distance, and their swordsmanship skills enable them to defeat them in melee as well.

As a result of their specialization, they are able to cast offensive spells and additional buff spells. There is room for improvement.


  • It is a vast continent where brave warriors must prove their mettle in countless adventures.
  • Your courage and strength can be put to use against three enemy empires.
  • During training, you will learn versatile martial arts and gain extraordinary abilities to defeat your enemies.
  • Become a castle lord by building a stronghold based on the power gathered by a powerful guild.
  • The weapons you can choose from are endless, and you can easily convert them to suit your needs.


Mobile2 Global APK offers players a thrilling adventure in a Far East world under threat from the Metal Stones. As a martial arts master, it is your duty to protect your country and end their dark influence. Immerse yourself in intense combat, solve puzzles, and embark on a journey that tests your mettle. This will confirm your place as a hero.

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