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Jul 05, 2024
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Android 4.4+

Macrorify APK is the premier macro maker that extends beyond a standard auto clicker. Create powerful macros with cutting-edge Image Detection and Text Recognition to streamline your tasks and enhance productivity without rooting your device. With the app, you can connect wirelessly with Android systems from Kitkat upwards, and you can even use emulators to access the app.

About Macrorify APK

Macrorify is an auto click application that supports gaming for Android devices. With excellent image detection and text recognition capabilities, Macrorify will become an effective support tool for mobile gamers when it automatically performs repetitive actions. This will save you time and optimizing your gameplay.

This application automates many functions, tasks, and activities on Android devices. This app provides a convenient control panel for quick starting, stopping, and pausing of auto-clicks. Macrorify can perform any swipe or gesture you want, from long pressing, double clicking to dragging and dropping, zooming, etc.

Loop or timeout settings can be customized to create a custom user interface that fits your needs. Macrorify is great because you don't have to root your device. The app supports Android Kitkat (4.4) and above, and works even in Android emulators.


Advanced Macro Editing:

  • Detailed scripting capabilities.
  • Enhanced editing tools for creating more complex macros.

Cloud Sync and Backup:

  • Save and sync your macros across multiple devices.
  • Backup your macros to the cloud for safety and accessibility.

No Ads:

  • The premium version is ad-free, providing a smoother user experience.

Priority Support:

  • Access to premium customer support for troubleshooting and assistance.

Extended Functionality:

  • Additional commands and options for creating more sophisticated macros.
  • More triggers and actions to customize the automation process.

What are your strengths?

  • Click, swipe: Long clicks, double clicks,...I can swipe or gesture with all ten fingers (drag, drop, pinch, zoom...).
  • Playback your touches: Record and replay them. You can edit, mix, and match this recording in any order, as well as play it at different speeds and intervals. It can even be random at every touch point.
  • Image detection: This is what I do best. Clicking on an image when it appears and reacting to it when it disappears is how I interact with it. Multiple images can be detected simultaneously, and multiple triggers can be chained together to form complex logic statements.
  • Text Recognition: I can also see words. Those are also images, right? You can decide what to do from there based on whether or not there is text on the screen.
  • User-friendly interface: From clicks to swipes to Image Detection, everything can be set up easily. You can even design your own user interface.
  • Compatibility: Best of all, you don't have to root your device! You can even use it in emulators starting with Kitkat!
  • Optional scripting: You can code with me. You can easily learn and work with EMScript. You'll have limitless possibilities if you take your macro-making game to the next level!
  • Built-in macro store: Don't want to work? You can also download macros from other users and earn rewards for uploading your own.

What is your favorite hobby and interest?

  • What else am I skilled at? Well, I can.
  • To conserve battery life, disable the screen.
  • Macro pauses and resumes.
  • You can adjust the area where I should click.
  • Display a limited number of items on the screen.
  • For testing purposes, perform specific actions.


Macrorify APK is a game-changer for auto-clickers. With its advanced image detection and text recognition capabilities, this versatile macro maker enables users to create powerful macros that automate complex tasks with precision and ease. Whether you're a gamer, productivity enthusiast, accessibility advocate, or automation enthusiast, Macrorify is the perfect tool to take your macros to the next level.

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