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The relationship between Dream and Quackity in the Dream SMP fandom is known as Loud Duo.


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In August 2020, Quackity was added to Dream's Minecraft server, the Dream SMP, upon TommyInnit's suggestion. Quackity and Dream didn't communicate much at first, but after making GeorgeNotFound a common friend, the two grew closer. Dream thought Quackity was funny—perhaps the funniest person he knew.

Dream and Quackity both announced new Minecraft SMPs after the Dream SMP ended, naming them United SMP and Quackity SMP, respectively. Because both servers had translation mods available at the same time and were multilingual, there was some controversy among fans who claimed that one content producer had stolen ideas from the other. Dream addressed the "drama" and said that he and Quackity accidently worked on the same project, but kept it a secret and had disagreements. He continued by saying that he adored Quackity and had no ill will against him.[1] Dream went on to say that he merely wanted to enjoy himself with his pals and that he despises it when people downplay Quackity's accomplishments in the gaming industry. Dream claimed that Quackity allowed people to attempt to cross bridges.

Later, Dream brought up the subject once more in a longer thread. He emphasised that he and Quackity both worked on their projects in solitude and that they had the same fundamental idea—creating a new Minecraft server—to play on. Dream claims that after coming up with the concept of a global Minecraft server, he began developing a translation mod. Dream contacted Quackity after he unveiled the QSMP to offer support and to let him know that he was also developing a server to connect individuals from all around the world. Dream was led to believe that the QSMP and USMP could coexist and that he could share the translation mod with Quackity if he desired because Quackity's server had not made any mention of translation. Dream assumed Quackity's failure to respond to him was due to his hectic schedule and overwork. Dream sought confirmation from other QSMP members that the QSMP and USMP were distinct entities. Dream persisted in his efforts on the USMP, and he even had plans for Quackity to run the server's Spanish community. Dream published his April 1st funny translation mod video with that goal. Dream was a little sad because he knew it would cause problems when Quackity soon after revealed a translation mod for his server. Dream was eager to discuss ideas with Quackity because the two were both devoted to and enthusiastic about their respective enterprises.

Dream once more offered Quackity his backing and chuckled at how similar their viewpoints were. Dream sent Quackity a few messages, but she never responded. Nevertheless, the two ran into one another. Dream urged that people speak things out to prevent fighting since he said that a lot of anger and fighting had started to develop within their fan bases. Days later, Dream reasoned that Quackity might have been upset with Dream because he believed that Dream had appropriated his idea. Mutual acquaintances of the two told Dream that Quackity wasn't responding to them either. A week or so later, Dream confessed his love to Quackity and remarked that their friendship wasn't worth losing it over a Minecraft SMP. Dream acknowledged that he had no desire to rival or imitate Quackity.


Due of their dynamic and limited interactions, Loud duet was initially a supported duet. However, a few individuals noted how the two did not communicate much and seemed awkward around each other. However, the two had supporters, and they currently have 630+ works on AO3.

When the Loud Duo "drama" gained attention, many people sided with Quackity. They thought Dream was being immature for making so many public posts on the matter, and they emphasised the fact that Quackity had made public comments about the QSMP despite Dream's claims that he kept the project private. Even Quackity liked a tweet that stated that he has been discussing the QSMP since at least January 2023. Others concurred with Dream and asserted that if Quackity had responded to him, Dream wouldn't have needed to discuss the matter in public. Some folks prefered that Dream and Quackity simply discuss the situation without taking sides. Others who remained neutral cracked jokes to lighten the mood, while some thought it was silly to argue over Minecraft servers.

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