Linkage Effect For KLWP APK

Linkage Effect For KLWP APK 1.0.0 Download for Android

App By:
1.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 18, 2023
11 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up


Linkage Effect for KLWP is a Personalization app developed by MoRan. KLWP APK (Kustom Live Wallpaper) is a powerful tool that allows users to create customized live wallpapers for their Android devices. One of its key features is the linkage effect. This enhances the user experience by enabling interactive elements and dynamic content within the live wallpaper. In this document, we will explore the linkage effect for KLWP APK and its various functionalities.

What is Linkage Effect For KLWP APK?

The Linkage Effect For KLWP APK refers to the ability to establish connections between different elements within a live wallpaper. These connections enable dynamic interactions and responses based on user input or system events. By utilizing the linkage effect, users can create engaging and personalized live wallpapers that react to their actions or changes in the environment.

What you get is:

  • Let's start with some skin
  • Custom fonts, colors, sizes, and effects for text
  • Ovals, rectangles, arcs, triangles, exagons, and more
  • The use of gradients, shadows, tiling, and color filters
  • A Photoshop-like layers interface with overlay effects (blur, clear, xor, difference, saturation)
  • Create touch actions / hotspots for any object
  • Support for PNG, JPG, and WEBP images
  • Effects such as fading, scaling, scrolling based on the position of the screen, touch, events, etc.
  • The ability to use magnetic sensors and gyroscopes to animate wallpapers or objects
  • Functions, conditionals, and global variables are used in complex programming
  • Time, location, weather, anything can be used to change the wallpaper!
  • A dynamic download of content via HTTP (live maps, weather, etc.)
  • Music utilities (currently playing song title, album, cover)
  • Support for Tasker
  • The display contains a large amount of data (like date, time, battery, calendar, weather, astronomy (sunrise, sunset), CPU speed, memory, countdowns, WiFi and cellular status, traffic info, next alarm, location, moving speed, etc.)


The linkage effect is a powerful feature offered by KLWP APK, enabling users to create personalized and interactive live wallpapers for their Android devices. By utilizing touch, sensor, time, and music linkages, users can enhance their wallpaper experience. Experimenting with the linkage effect opens up a world of possibilities. This allows users to transform their device's home screen into a dynamic and captivating visual display.

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