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13.0 for Android
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Oct 10, 2023
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9.0 and up
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Journal by Lapse is one of the popular Android smartphone video players and editing applications created for video-playing users. You can watch reels and snap videos on your smartphone without any problems. You will be able to do everything you need with this awesome journal application that features a lot of features.

Watching your favourite snap videos online has never been easier with this amazing option. The application also doesn't require you to buy a premium video player to watch your videos online. The time has come to enjoy watching different videos and sharing them with your friends, but they will need this application.

If you have ever created Snap stories, then you know how amazing the options are on your phone when using Snap with different filters. In the market, there are a variety of features and options that you will never be able to get for free. There are many options and great features built into this app that allow you to watch and create snap videos.

The social disposable camera : Journal by Lapse

  • Make your phone a disposable camera
  • A snap is a mystery until it develops at random later that day
  • See the week unfold by sharing your snaps on your Friends feed
  • You will receive an automatic monthly photo dump on your profile every month
  • Your favorite snaps can be curated into albums

Journal is brought to you by Lapse and is meant for friends, not followers. Do you know what you are doing down here? Download the app now.

Features of Journal by Lapse APK

User-Friendly Interface

Journal by Lapse APK boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and intuitive journaling experience. With its clean and organized layout, users can easily navigate through the app and access various features without hassle.

Secure and Private

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance when journaling. Journal by Lapse APK ensures users' entries are secure and private. The app provides password protection and encryption, allowing users to safeguard their personal thoughts and reflections.

Customizable Prompts and Templates

To overcome writer's block and inspire creativity, Journal by Lapse APK offers a wide range of customizable prompts and templates. These prompts cover various topics such as gratitude, self-reflection, goal-setting, and more. Users can personalize these prompts or create their own, tailoring their journaling experience to their individual preferences.

Multimedia Integration

Journal by Lapse APK stretches beyond traditional pen and paper journaling by incorporating multimedia elements. Users can add photos, videos, voice recordings, and even location tags to their entries, making journaling more engaging and memorable.

Cloud Synchronization and Backup

With cloud synchronization, users can access their journal entries across multiple devices, ensuring their thoughts and memories are always within reach. Journal by Lapse APK also offers automatic backup options, providing peace of mind by safeguarding entries against accidental loss or device damage.

Community and Social Sharing

Journal by Lapse APK fosters community by offering social sharing features. Users can share their journal entries with friends, family, or even the broader journaling community. This feature encourages connection, collaboration, and inspiration among journaling enthusiasts.


Journal by Lapse APK offers a comprehensive and user-friendly digital journaling platform. With its intuitive interface, customizable prompts, multimedia integration, and secure privacy features, this app provides an enhanced journaling experience. Whether you are a seasoned journaler or just starting your journaling journey, Journal by Lapse APK is a valuable tool to capture your thoughts, emotions, and memories. Start your journaling adventure today and unlock the benefits of reflection, self-expression, and personal growth.

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