Gorilla Tag Horror APK

Gorilla Tag Horror APK 6.0.0 Download for Android

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6.0.0 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 11, 2023
248 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
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Welcome to the Gorilla Tag Horror Mod. You're about to embark on a scary adventure in the heart of a mysterious jungle. Gorilla Tag, once a peaceful primate, has turned into a monster and is now terrorizing anyone who comes near him.

As the only survivor of a failed expedition, you must navigate the dense jungle, solve puzzles, and gather supplies all while avoiding days. This Gorilla Tag is not normal. Despite his weakness, he is extremely strong and intelligent, as he is controlled by an evil and dark power.

Take care and enjoy the gorilla tag.

About Gorilla Tag Horror APK

Gorilla Tag Horror APK has lots of attractive details that you will love. Through the use of the virtual world, the game offers a wide range of realistic activities. The players will have to adventure into a dark space where many monster gorillas hide thoroughly. This game is filled with interesting things to do thanks to its simple gameplay and clear missions.

Aside from participating in all the game's features and earning bonus points, players can also embark on countless adventures. The assignment must be completed promptly in order to receive the appropriate grade. By playing virtual reality games, you can experience a lifelike experience that is compelling and immersive.

Gorilla Tag Horror Game offers lifelike experiences in a virtual reality setting along with a variety of obstacles to overcome. For virtual reality players to unleash their experiences, there must be a large space. There are a variety of enemies you will face in this game.

Features of Gorilla Tag Horror APK


Your gorilla should have a unique avatar. You can choose from a wide range of color schemes, accessories, and unique features in the virtual world.

Gameplay Enhancement

You will unlock powers and abilities as you progress. You will be able to leap across rooftops at lightning speed and outmaneuver your opponents with your newfound skills.


The graphics are pretty basic, but the game does its job. The textures are pixelated and the character models are very simple. It is possible that the game will improve in the future since it is still in Early Access. The graphics in Soft are not complicated.

A flourishing community

Become a member of the worldwide Gorilla Tag community. By sharing your experiences, strategies, and creations, you will be able to make new friends in this exciting virtual world.

Game rules are simple

'Gorilla Tag Horror Games' is a simple concept based on gorillas. This game features a low-poly gorilla that the player controls in an open environment. Their arms are capable of jumping, swinging, and climbing.

Immersive environments

Embark on a journey beyond the in-game maps to discover a whole new world. A diverse range of environments are available in this APK, from lush jungles to futuristic cityscapes.

User-friendly interfaces

There is a greater sense of intuitive control in Gorilla Tag Horror than in traditional video games. Similar to the way the player moves in real life, the player uses their arms to move around.


Gorilla Tag Horror APK is not for the faint-hearted. If you crave an adrenaline rush and enjoy intense, hair-raising experiences, this modified version of Gorilla Tag is definitely worth a try. Brace yourself for a journey into the unknown. Swing through eerie environments, listening for whispers in the dark, and preparing for the next terrifying encounter. Are you ready to face your fears and survive the Gorilla Tag Horror?

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