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App By:
Rafael Rozendaal
1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 11, 2023
23 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

FataltotheFlesh APK - The game Fatal to the Flesh is an online mind diversion. In order to keep their minds distracted, it is designed for people who want to cause self-harm. They are kept busy by providing them with real-life simulation tasks that have visual outputs. A Fatal to the Flesh Website was created by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004 by booking the domain name Fataltotheflesh.com. This article will discuss this unique website and how it helps those in need. The website is very popular around the world, especially in India, Africa, America, Bangladesh, and many other places.

How To Fatal To The Flesh

You see a white blank page when you open the Fatal To The Flesh website. Initially, you might feel as if the page isn't loading. However, that is the design of the interface. Through the website, people can actually display their modeling activity. When you press & drag your cursor, the magic begins. Moving your mouse cursor over the blank white page allows you to draw anything you like. You can have even more fun when you use it on a touchscreen device like a smartphone or laptop. This site is based on the idea of cutting meat and letting blood gushe out from the cut.  People who get angry and self-harm for gaining satisfaction are cutting flesh, which can decrease their anxiety.


There are many different and amazing features

  • If you drow or show your extra caryculm activity
  • Modeling is more difficult than modeling on other paint platforms
  • It is not possible to remove some paint parts
  • Get a new blank page for modeling every time you refresh the page
  • Modeling has only one colour, which is red
  • There are no other colours or other options available
  • You have to refresh the page to clear your drawing
  • You can use this to distract yourself from negative thoughts and feelings
  • Make / Draw & Take Exclusive Pictures To Keep Your Mind Fresh
  • Step by Step, I will explain these and many more attractive features

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