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Ebravo APK 1.0 Download for Android

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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
May 23, 2023
3.2 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up

Ebravo APK is a Pakistani movie, TV shows, and web series streaming platform. You will also get Hollywood and Bollywood film and shows. Ebravo is an entertainment portal for its service user's to remain entertained.

About Ebravo APK

Ebravo APK is one of the most popular apps for streaming movies and television shows from various film industries, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Pakistani cinema, etc. It has millions of downloaders worldwide, and due to its ease of use, it is very popular. Today we are giving away the Ebravo app for free.

Ebravo is a product of Jazz Entertainment. The software program runs on all types of devices, including Android, iOS, computers, etc. This Ebravo apk can be downloaded from here if you have any of these devices. There is no need to sign up or pay any single fee. As Ebravo apk is free, I am also providing it for free.

Features of Ebravo APK

When you use this app, you will find that it will become one of your favorite apps for Entertainment once you are familiar with Ebravo movies. Ebravo is a great entertainment app and I have explained its benefits in detail below.

Newly Released Movies -

You will find this app to be a boon if you are a movie enthusiast who cannot find the right platform to watch the recently released movie. There are a wide range of movies to choose from that you can watch directly for free in this app, including Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Pakistani movies, Tamil and Telugu movies and many others.

The movie can also be downloaded and saved in your memory, so it is very simple and convenient.

Web Series -

Not only does this app provide you with movies, but it also provides you with web series that are just being released. Using this app, you can watch web series made by any film industry in Pakistan, including the Pakistani film industry. As a result, you can watch all the episodes of the web series that you are interested in.

Anime -

Nowadays, not only movies and web series are popular, but also Anime, a new type of cartoon. There is a great love for anime among youngsters in Pakistan as a whole. Ebravo APK also contains dubbed and original voiced anime.

Sports -

The Ebravo app is an all-in-one entertainment platform, so along with movies, web series, and anime you can also watch live sports. With this app, you can watch live India vs Pakistan matches, as well as other sports like football, baseball, hockey, basketball, etc.

Updates -

You will also be able to keep up with the news and trends in Pakistan and around the world with the help of this app. This app offers a number of news channels where you can watch and listen to live broadcasts.

Games and apps -

We also provide entertainment news, movies, web series, and news. The app also has a download section where you can download games and apps directly. Additionally, you will find free premium apps in this Ebravo APK.


Ebravo APK is highly recommended for gamers looking for a satisfying and action mobile game. The game's stunning graphics, diverse gameplay modes, and immersive storyline have captivated gamers. Ebravo APK does have some drawbacks, such as in-app purchases and occasional technical issues, but the overall gaming experience it offers is well worth it. So, gear up, customize your character, and embark on an exciting adventure in the world of Ebravo APK.

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