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1.2.2 for Android
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Nov 09, 2023
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9.0 and up
Role Playing
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Coromon Full Version APK is a modern take on classic monster-taming games. Explore a vast world filled with thrilling turn-based battles, brain-twisting puzzles, and a mysterious threat awaiting defeat as you tame Coromon. There was no such thing as an easy job as a Battle Researcher!

About Coromon Full Version APK

Coromon is an RPG with an entire world to explore as you catch and train all the Coromon you can. This RPG is influenced by the classic game Pokémon, but it has enough of its own personality to make it much more than just a tribute. With a unique storyline and enchanting visuals, it's a great game.

You'll play a young trainer who trains creatures called Coromon in a vast world full of secrets in Coromon, a new videogame from Game Freak. In the same manner as players select their first Pokémon companion, you'll also have to choose your first Coromon. There is more to this game than just a Pokémon remake, as there is an interesting storyline that will intrigue you about its world.

A fundamental part of Coromon is combat, which is based on turn-based battles in which type advantages are crucial for victory. The combat system will be instantly recognizable to fans of the genre. As any good Coromon trainer would do, you will choose your creatures based on your opponent. Furthermore, battles are essential to capturing the more than 120 Coromon available in the game.

It's hard to stop playing this quality game thanks to the addictive gameplay and fascinating plot. The game has a great soundtrack and pixelated style that's reminiscent of Pokémon, Earthbound, and Undertale.


The sun rises on Velua, a new day for the world and a new day for you, a newly minted Battle Researcher of Lux Solis. Everything goes smoothly on your first day until a mysterious force attacks your new workplace. Recruit Coromon and track down the invaders to fight a rising threat that threatens everyone on Velua!

As part of our commitment to letting you play how you wish, the latest update brings color customization for Coromon, fruit-to-cake conversion using Lux Kitchen, and new Cake recipes!

Turn-based tactical battles

Coromon is all about taming the eponymous wildlife and challenging the rest of the world: other wildlife, trainers, or titanic bosses!

  • Choose from more than 100 charming creatures, each with their own elements, traits, and skills. Set them loose on your rivals after you catch, train, and release them!
  • Battle in a stamina-based system where every action costs energy, so choose your skills and attacks carefully. The best way to end up victorious is to deal damage to enemies, sap their stamina by using status effects, or nullify them through the use of dozens of conditions.
  • You can compete online with friends and find out which Coromon squad is the best.

What a story!

Lux Solis is just the beginning of a much greater adventure. Eventually, you'll be immersed in a story of great scope and importance, as a mysterious alien threat emerges. Your task is to stop Lux Solis from implementing their dastardly plans.

  • Explore dozens of interconnected routes as you follow the antagonists' trail across six major cities and zones. A quest, a secret, and an item can be found in each of them.
  • From the depths of blistering deserts to the frozen glacial caverns of Velua, explore the furthest reaches of the continent.
  • Play a key role in a full-fledged JRPG, complete with plot twists, turns, and revelations that nothing is as it seems.

Your way to play

You can create the exact experience you want with Coromon.

  • There is more to difficulty than just stat changes. You can choose from a variety of options to make the game as challenging as you like.
  • Are you looking for a stress-free, chill playthrough? Play on the easiest setting without hassle, or focus on tactics, number crunching, and resource management.
  • Are you looking for a higher-stakes challenge? Adding fan favorite twists to the creature catching experience is easy with the built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes.
  • With hundreds of customizable elements like hair, fashion, and more, you can create the trainer you want.
  • You can customize the look of your Coromon! Would you prefer a Potent's color over a Perfect's? It's just a matter of setting the right element.

You can upgrade your adventure

The game Coromon is something we've poured our hearts into, and we're delighted to provide it to you. Coromon pays homage to the classics of this subgenre of RPGs. With a modernized pixel art style, we kept the iconic retro look and added new features while staying true to the core gameplay.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Coromon. Our hope is that you will enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Features of Coromon APK

  • The plot of this story is interesting and compelling.
  • A challenge with varying levels of difficulty.
  • Your skills will be tested in epic boss battles.
  • Puzzles that are challenging to solve.
  • The Coromon's stats can be customized according to your playstyle.
  • You can customize your character to create the perfect look.
  • Coromons in 120+ animations.
  • Explore unique regions, each with a different theme.
  • Pixelart graphics are beautiful.
  • A soundtrack with more than 50 tracks.
  • Multiple save slots and autosave functionality.
  • A full controller support is available.


Coromon is an excellent RPG game that offers unique features. The game’s fascinating storyline, interesting gameplay, complex puzzles, distinct regions, various characters, beautiful pixel-art visuals and original soundtrack, multiple save locations, and full gamepad support make it a must-play for genre fans. Whether you’re a fan of classic RPG games or a newcomer to the genre, Coromon is definitely worth checking out.

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