Combat Quest 2 Mod APK

Combat Quest 2 Mod APK 0.44.6 Download for Android 2024

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0.44.6 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 03, 2024
159.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 7.1+
Role Playing

Combat Quest 2 Mod APK is a roguelike role-playing game set in a breathtaking fantasy world. Embark on a journey of epic proportions and explore the world of magic, monster hunter! Be careful, though! You may face danger in your adventures. A quest in a mysterious dungeon, ferocious monsters, powerful bosses, a wide variety of weapons, archery, and lots of magic await you.

Hurricane-like gameplay:

Bow masters, are you ready for a raid? You can become a combat master! You will learn bow and arrow shooting in this RPG. Become a dungeon hunter and face an epic battle. The kingdom will thank you generously for your monster-hunting skills if you become a survivor and make your fame immortal!

We have all kinds of archery waiting for you, bowmasters. A life-and-death battle awaits! You will receive huge rewards if you defeat mighty monsters. For any gameplay style, every archer has their own unique skills. Your battle royale experience depends on you alone in this action RPG!

What kind of dungeon hunter are you? What if an archer knew soul magic? What is it like to be born with a bow in your hand and destined to practice archery? You can pick whoever you want as the survivor.

System of deep upgrades:

Role-playing games are beloved by millions of gamers. You won't just find another shooting game in Combat Quest RPG. Level up and upgrade your skills to develop your unique style as a bow master. Play the role of a dungeon hunter and explore dangerous dungeons full of monsters. To earn immortal glory and the title of hero, you'll have to run, shoot arrows non-stop, and level up.

Epic story:

The plot of an online fantasy game is not something you can find in every game. A roguelike game like Combat Quest, however, is an RPG survival game filled with action and adventure!

An immortal evil has attacked the fairy kingdom! There is a new monster in town and its magic is stronger than ever. A terrible battle was fought between bowmasters and monsters. There was no way the bravest archer hero could stop the dark lord and he lost the battle royale. A bloodthirsty group of monsters from the dark wizard have left their dungeon and kidnapped the princess. There are millions of monsters and piles of gold to be found in this arcade game. Are you able to survive and gain all the rewards, or will the world of magic drag you down to its depths?

Are you going to be a mysterious monster hunter? A dashing archer with a bow and arrow upgraded to legend status with phenomenal accuracy? Are you more of a combat master? Take on a dangerous quest for survival. Take out your bow or another more powerful weapon, this is going to be a tough battle royale. Get ready for non-stop combat in this epic adventure.


A mobile role-playing game can be a thrilling experience. You'll find everything you need in this shooting game online:

  • Archery and dungeon raiding. Having fun is the best way to pass the time. To be a real bow master, you need to shoot with accuracy and wisdom.
  • Levels that are well-designed and made with soul. You'll never get bored here.
  • Display combat skills as a role model. Are you interested in becoming a combat master?
  • There is a huge map of the world waiting to be explored.
  • You can be a hero! Play through endless dungeons and explore endless locations.
  • There are different weapons, equipment, and shooting non-stop.
  • A world of magic with 3D graphics of the highest quality.
  • A monster, not just one. Your sweat will be on your brow when you play this online role-playing shooter.

Grab your bow and arrows and get ready for battle. Your dungeon raid is waiting for you, archer! There have already been many bowmasters who have tried their luck and skill. Maybe you will be the survivor? Fantasy fans looking for a roguelike RPG that takes place in a magical world, Combat Quest 2 Mod APK is for you!

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