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Codm Ai APK 1.6.3 Download for Android

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1.6.3 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 14, 2023
62.1 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
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Codm Ai APK - A bot is an artificial intelligence (AI) character that appears in games like COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire.

There is no confirmation or denial from Activision regarding these claims, however many suspect bots are used in amateur games.

There is a 'practice vs AI' mode for players who would like to play with bots.

In COD Mobile, many players believe that they are playing against bots, especially in the early levels and lower ranks. These bots are computer-controlled (AI) characters that appear in games like COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire and are employed when player counts are low. Despite Activision not confirming or denying these claims about computer-controlled bots in COD Mobile, it appears that beginners mostly use bots up until level 10. The number of bots in Call of Duty: Mobile games will soon drop and you will face real players. Due to the large number of players required in battle royale, Activision uses these bots to fill in the slots in COD Mobile's multiplayer modes. There is a 'practice vs AI' mode available if players wish to play with bots.

There are bots in COD Mobile, but there are also bots in games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Free Fire. Newer players can learn the game mechanics without constantly getting spawn killed, and queue times for game modes like Battle Royale are reduced.

Codm Ai official mobile app allows you to:

  • Chat with AI personalities that are as real as possible
  • You'll enjoy unlimited free messaging (and no ads)!
  • Discover millions of character creations by users
  • Create anything you need with advanced creation tools
  • Get to know new people and form lifelong friendships
  • Meet famous characters and AI celebrities
  • Your very own personal assistant is at your disposal

Discover captivating stories, get homework help from your favorite anime persona, learn a new language, and even write a novel with the most advanced AI assistant that YOU design! You can push the frontier of what's possible with this innovative technology only by using your imagination. C.AI is glad to have you as a member! We can't wait to see what you create!

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