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31.24.4(1052841) for Android
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Jul 03, 2024
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Busuu APK is a leading language learning app that makes learning new languages easier and more accessible. In addition to interactive lessons and practical exercises, it features a global community of native speakers. Due to its focus on genuine communication and its flexible learning methods, Busuu is now an essential tool for language learners at all levels. Busuu APK is a free language learning program that lets you improve your language skills at your own pace.

About Busuu APK

Busuu APK helps you communicate with confidence from day one. Harness the power of learning together with expertly designed language lessons and feedback from our global community of native speakers.

Are you looking for the best way to learn a new language on your phone? The Busuu app makes learning new languages easier, more fun, and more effective for everyone, thanks to Chegg, a service we provide. Busuu can help you learn to have confident conversations, to boost your grade, to enhance your career, or to discover exciting travel experiences.

There are millions of people who we are already helping overcome their learning struggles, from lack of time and motivation to grammar and vocabulary issues. You can achieve your goals too, one milestone at a time, because we help our learners achieve them.


Educate together

You can learn how the language you're learning is used in real-life conversations so you can sound like a local. Our language exchange community is a great place to connect and learn. You can learn the skills you need to have a real-life conversation even if you are a beginner.

Content that is up-to-date

You can learn Japanese or Korean or your chosen language with our regularly updated courses that include video flashcards and audio learning. Dedicated courses on inclusive French and Korean Hangeul will also be available. You will be able to get tips from native speakers. Develop speaking skills for real-life situations.

Communicate confidently in real life

Whether you learn languages for business, travel, school, or pleasure, being able to hold real-life conversations is the ultimate goal. Our language exchange community provides motivational features such as daily streaks and regular checkpoint tests to help you reach your learning goals.

Spanish learners can use comprehension exercises tailored from articles from El Pas, while Japanese learners will find a manga-based Japanese learning course appealing. Start a course, take advantage of features like audio learning and flashcards. Get reminders to help you learn languages and get to intermediate level faster.

A smarter way to revise languages

Make real progress as a beginner to intermediate by going over tricky vocabulary and grammar at your own pace. Whatever you're learning, whether it's Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or anything else. You can learn languages efficiently while having fun with Busuu through language exchange.

Powered by people, learn languages

Learn Spanish

Communicate with confidence by learning languages. You can learn Spanish regardless of whether you are a beginner or an intermediate. Our community of native speakers will help you learn Spanish so you can hold real-life conversations with ease, and plenty of opportunities will be provided for you to practice writing, reading, listening, and speaking Spanish. Through audio learning, you can even improve your Spanish pronunciation.

Learn Japanese

A Japanese learning program that helps you progress from beginner lessons to intermediate lessons. Learn to communicate with people fluent in the language you're learning and gain confidence through language exchange.

You can learn real-life conversation phrases for hiragana, katakana, kanji, as well as our manga course. The Japanese language course covers all four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

14 languages are available

In 14 different languages, Busuu offers free complete courses designed by experts from beginner to intermediate levels. You can learn Japanese, French, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. There are intermediate and beginner courses to help you learn languages in a range of difficulties, from Spanish to French to Chinese and Japanese.

We are trusted by over 120 million registered users worldwide


Busuu APK is a powerful tool for language learners looking to improve their skills. With its interactive lessons, language exchange feature, grammar checker, pronunciation guide, and flashcards, Busuu provides a comprehensive language learning experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Busuu APK offers something for everyone. So, download it today and start your language learning journey!

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