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2.0 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 07, 2023
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9.0 and up
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The Bijaga app is designed to conduct caste-based surveys. This study will be carried out by the General Administration Department (GAD) of the government in Bihar. GAD plans to collect data digitally. The GAD has created a plan for a caste-based survey. A two-stage process is followed. A second part of the survey will collect information about the people living in houses, their caste, and their socioeconomic status. During this phase, 17 different kinds of information will be requested. Names of people who live outside of the state will also be recorded. By using a mobile app, Bijaga Apps collects household data that is analyzed by supervisors and charge officers.

Recent Updates

  • Taking screenshots is disabled
  • Pradhan validation for a single family
  • Endpoints need to be changed (Security Testing)
  • Login not working for old user
  • Optimization of performance

Features of Bijaga APK

The Bijaga app boasts several essential features that make it a valuable tool for caste-based surveys:

Digital Data Collection

With Bijaga, the government moves away from traditional paper-based surveys, making data collection efficient, faster, and more accurate. Using the app, surveyors can input information directly into their mobile devices.

Comprehensive Questionnaire

The app features a well-structured questionnaire that captures relevant data related to a person's caste, socioeconomic position, and other demographic details. This ensures a thorough analysis of population characteristics.

Inclusion of Non-Residents

Bijaga takes the extra mile by recording the names of people who originally belong to Bihar but live outside the state. This adds depth and inclusivity to the survey.

Supervisor and Officer Support

The collected data is not left unattended. Supervisors and charge officers play a crucial role in the process, analyzing data for accuracy and completeness.


The Bijaga APK is an innovative and crucial tool in the hands of the General Administration Department (GAD) to conduct caste-based surveys in Bihar. By shifting from traditional paper surveys to mobile apps, the process becomes more efficient and inclusive. The app's comprehensive questionnaire and involvement of supervisors and charge officers ensure accurate data collection and analysis. As Bijaga continues to be used, it has the potential to provide valuable insights that can help shape policies and programs aimed at addressing the needs of various caste groups and improving overall societal well-being in Bihar.

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