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1.6.8 for Android
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Jan 03, 2023
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A deep convolutional neural network is used for this task. By intelligently reducing noise and serration, images can be enlarged without losing quality.

Cameras were recognized by humans thousands of years ago. From the invention of the camera until today, humans have enjoyed capturing their precious moments with cameras. A photo or picture will always have a story behind it from time to time.

Nowadays, most people save photos and pictures taken in the past, whether it's of their grandparents or of their beloved partner. Photos and pictures of those moments will remain with you no matter what the obvious moment is. Since technology has become more sophisticated, photos taken in the past will be of a different quality than those taken today.

You are very fortunate if you want to keep your old photos but upgrade them to current image quality. It has now been found that the latest technology can improve the quality of your images or photos.

Currently, an application called the app uses that technology. Image Magnifier AI technology is used in this app. Unlike simple estimates, this application not only enlarges the image, but also improves its quality.

What Does It Do?

A variety of scientists and innovators have been working on AI technology since humans discovered it. With AI, humans are starting to be helped by optimizing data on the internet, production machine work systems which are increasingly being optimized to face detection systems. A lot of things are done with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI Image Enlargement is one of the innovations related to AI that humans have made in addition to these breakthroughs.

In addition to magnifying the image and improving its quality, this AI Image Magnifier also increases its size. This AI technology is used by a successful application called app.

An app is an application that uses modern technological advancements to enlarge and enhance images.


The fact that you read the article up to this point means that you are a very careful person when it comes to installing applications on your mobile device. It's okay, it's common for cell phone owners. Below we'll describe the features of this application so that you're more confident about downloading it.

Type of image

We may have thousands to millions of images on our various devices today. Over the years, we may have collected these images from various people, events, and moments.

Your pictures will most likely be divided into two groups if you try to sort them, namely artwork and photos. To make dividing them easier, here are the specifications for each.

A work of art is created by combining images from graphic applications and other art forms. Various types of images that are handmade by humans, including vector images, pixels, paintings, designs, and logos.

You can take photos with a variety of cameras, from old school cameras to cellphone cameras. In spite of the fact that most photos depict human portraits, they do not only depict humans. Camera shots can capture humans, animals, plants, nature, and a variety of other unique things.

With this Bigjpg application, you can categorize the image you want to repair once you've determined what it is. As a result of this grouping, AI technology can produce the best results. The reason for this is that art image data and photographic images are different. It is therefore necessary to correctly group images in order to produce optimal images.

An upscaling approach

Today, there are many different types of drawing scales available. The scale you would like to increase is 2x, 4x, 8x, and up to 16x. The scale at which you want to scale your image must be decided first. Two times or up to 16 times can be magnified.

Change the image scale rationally, of course. It is possible to select up to 16 times if you want a very large size. Your needs determine everything.

Unfortunately, you will have to become a premium member to increase it up to 16 times. A free account will only allow you to resize images up to four times their original size.

As we mentioned above, this application not only enlarges the image, but also improves its quality. With this application, enlarging an image will not break the final result. This is why the AI technology in this application is so confident.

Remover of noise

If you are a beginner in image editing, you won't be surprised by the word noise in this application. Noise in audio or video is not just an annoying sound in the world of editing. Noise is a distraction or a destroyer of quality in any editing context.

There is a wide range of image noise in photography, from blurring to light leaks to unwanted background movements.

All your images will be optimally repaired when you use this application. It is up to you whether or not to remove it. Levels of noise reduction range from low, medium, high, and high.

Image Changes for Thousands

There are some conditions in each plan that restrict the number of images you can change.

In the Free Plan, you can only change 20 images per month, while in the Premium Plan, you can change up to 2000 images. You can allocate $ 22 for this application if you have enough budget to buy premium features. You can download the app that we have provided if you are hesitant to spend money.

Final Thoughts

This App for Android devices is another amazing one. It's great that you have this ultimate apk with you, and on top of that, you have the premium version 1.6.8 of this apk. Have fun by following the above-mentioned instructions.

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