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Atelier Resleriana APK 1.0.1 Download for Android 2024

1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 23, 2023
358.3 MB
Required Android:
9.0 and up
Role Playing


Atelier Resleriana is a role-playing game for Android devices from the famous Atelier saga. You will be immersed in Lantana, a fantastical world, and your goal will be to revive alchemy's lost art. Step into the shoes of Resna, the protagonist of the story, and experience the adventure for yourself.

Discover unknown places

A large part of your time in Atelier Resleriana will be spent exploring the world and going through various settings. It is possible to talk to characters and perform various activities in the area, such as fishing or mining minerals. Additionally, all kinds of alchemical materials can be gathered to create your potions. Atelier Resleriana will take you to fantastical lands full of mysteries to solve and enemies to defeat. The good news is that you won't have to face them alone.

Get your team together

Atelier Resleriana begins with Resna's friends joining you, since they do not plan on letting her go it alone. You can explore further and defeat anyone who threatens you with their unique abilities. Throughout the plot, you will gradually learn each character's story. Additionally, there is a gacha system in Atelier Resleriana that allows you to obtain stronger allies.

You won't want to miss Atelier Resleriana if you're looking for an adventure in a wonderful world with unforgettable characters. Your companions will guide you through this adventure as you solve mysteries and form lifelong friendships.


It was once upon a time...

The kingdom of Lantana, which looks up to the stars, utilises the blessings brought by the stars in its technology.

"Alchemy" is its name. The user of the technique was called an alchemist.

A remarkable amount of development was achieved by the kingdom as a result of alchemy.

As the broom star disappeared and blessings could no longer be obtained, alchemy gradually declined.

It eventually faded from people's memories.

Eventually, two girls meet in a corner of Lantana and have a fateful encounter.

One of them is Lesna. As a result, she believes that the miracle can be found in alchemy and that its source lies dormant.

He was heading for the country's royal capital, which he thought would be at its end.

The first is Valeria. Her memory is lost and she lives in a slum.

Working as an adventurer for the Moon Shadow Society, he spent his days doing tough work.

Shadows approach behind them, from the mysterious organization "Polar Night Alchemist Party."

The two eventually come closer to the truth that lies hidden on the continent as their thoughts intertwine.

Playing a game

New characters begin a new adventure

  • First time in four years since "Atelier Ryza" that there is a new protagonist in this epic adventure story.
  • Embark on a magical journey led by charming characters on the "journey to regain alchemy"!

The characters move in high-quality 3D

  • As a result of utilizing the latest technology cultivated in the "Atelier" series, we have created 3D graphics that are comparable to those seen in the latest home video games.
  • Enjoy the cinematic story woven by high-quality characters!

A battle system that uses the timeline to enjoy bargaining

  • With simple timeline-based command battles and flashy skill performances, you can enjoy battles without getting bored.
  • You can build your strategy by using "effect panels" that have various effects and advance the battle to your advantage!

A deep mixing system that is easy to use and enjoyable

  • This series has been optimized to make playing over and over easy through its "compounding" system.
  • By combining the characters participating in the synthesis and the characteristics of the materials, you can create your own optimal solution!
  • Adding a system that allows all characters to be "promoted"
  • A variety of ways can be used to strengthen characters, including synthesized items and equipment, and glow boards that increase a character's parameters.
  • Set out on an adventure centered around alchemy with the strongest and best party you can assemble!
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