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Updated On:
Oct 03, 2023
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9.0 and up
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ArtGuru AI Face Swap APK is the pinnacle of AI-based image editing. The app uses powerful neural networks to identify faces in images and transpose facial features and expressions. As a result, you are able to merge two faces into one, creating an incredibly realistic face swap.

Create your own cartoons, anime characters, famous artwork, and more using preset images in the app. A user can also upload two images and perform a direct face swap between them. ArtGuru makes even complex face swapping accessible thanks to its intuitive interface and fast processing.

About ArtGuru Face Swap APK

ArtGuru Face Swap APK is a platform designed to craft lifelike avatars and portraits in diverse artistic styles. The AI produces up to 100 distinct avatars in one go by selecting a gender, style, and uploading between 6 and 30 selfies.

A straightforward four-step creation process and automated image optimization are provided by the platform, ensuring an intuitive user journey.

Among the styles available on ArtGuru are the futuristic Cyberpunk City, the delicate Watercolor Art, and the contemporary Modern Collage. The ArtGuru Face Swap APK is available on the App Store and Google Play for those interested in trying out the face swap and avatar creation features.

ArtGuru Face Swap not only lets you create avatars and portraits, but it also lets you create face swaps instantly. The platform's face swap feature ensures seamless transitions, whether you wish to switch up with a friend or merge with a celebrity image.

Features of ArtGuru Face Swap APK

ArtGuru Face Swap APK caters to a wide range of artistic and photography needs with these features.

Online face swap:

  • Any picture can be uploaded and seamlessly swapped with celebrities, friends, or even figments of your imagination.
  • There are a variety of presets designed to suit different tastes and preferences.
  • Thanks to ArtGuru AI's advanced algorithms, you'll be able to seamlessly swap faces.

Generator of AI art from photos:

  • A piece of AI-generated artwork can be easily created from any photograph.
  • ArtGuru AI will then work its magic on your chosen image by selecting the appropriate style.

Remove the background from the image:

  • ArtGuru's sophisticated technology can automatically detect and erase backgrounds from any photo with just a click.

Enhanced photos with AI:

  • With ArtGuru AI's photo enhancement tool, your photos will be transformed to the next level.
  • You can upload your image and see the immediate enhancement powered by artificial intelligence.

Key Features:

The ArtGuru app offers seamless AI-powered face swapping through the following features:

  • Hundreds of presets - Pick from celebrities, anime, cartoons, artworks, and more to swap with selfies. Daily updates of new images.
  • The ability to upload any image - Instead of preset images, users can upload their own images.
  • Realistic face blending - Proprietary AI analyzes and blends facial contours, textures, and expressions perfectly.
  • Image refinement - Additional tools for adjusting lighting, saturation, etc.
  • Save and share - You can download swapped images instantly and share them on social media.
  • Secure storage - Created face swaps are securely stored within the app.
  • A user-friendly interface - Swaps can be done in three easy steps. Designed to be easy to use on mobile devices.

With AI-powered face swaps, the ArtGuru app opens up a wide range of creative possibilities.


ArtGuru AI Face Swap unlocks powerful AI to transform faces effortlessly between images for creative, hilarious or mind-bending experiences. AI-powered face swapping is now fun and accessible thanks to this app's intelligent neural networks, large preset library, and easy-to-use interface.

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