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Alaya AI APK 1.0.13 Download for Android 2024

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1.0.13 for Android
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Jul 09, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Alaya AI APK is a distributed AI data collection and labeling platform featuring intelligent optimization, targeted sampling, custom data preprocessing and superior privacy protection. The Alaya data platform integrates intelligent communities with social commerce using the concept of Swarm Intelligence. Our mission is to provide a decentralized community solution for the collection and analysis of superior-quality AI data.

A verification code can be obtained through email for your first login. The settings page allows you to create a password for future logins after you log in.

About Alaya AI APK

Alaya AI facilitates the tagging of data, fostering collaboration between communities and artificial intelligence. A high-quality data pool, scalability and privacy are always provided to the artificial intelligence industry. As a result, businesses are able to collect relevant data by using it. Moreover, companies realize that it is less costly to collect the data this way than using other methods.

Furthermore, it protects ownership and privacy. Therefore, many companies trust it to acquire relevant data. It is possible to collect vast amounts of data from various sources using this tool and then provide it with a comprehensive and representative dataset. Businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their users through this tool. The platform is therefore an ideal choice for developing an AI application like Alaya.

Key Features:

  • Diversity of Data Samplers - Different, distributed communities of data samplers enable Alaya to augment the quality of data samples both for general training and for domain-specific training.
  • Subcultures - Alaya's emphasis on distributed communities gives us the opportunity to explore niche cultures and subcultures that have previously been overlooked.
  • Enhanced Privacy - Expert circles and niche subculture communities are particularly sensitive to individual privacy concerns. In our sampling processes, Alaya ensures users' privacy with zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Swarm Intelligence - Distributed, self-organized community networks enable collective intelligence for superior data quality and consistency.

NFT System:

  • Alaya NFT - Alaya NFTs are distributed to users by Alaya for free upon registration, and they are required for users to complete training tasks and earn task rewards. The platform offers users a number of exclusive rewards and incentives as they level up their Alaya NFTs.
  • NFT medallions - Medallions are non-tradable tasks that allow users to rank themselves, label their system, and target tasks. Medallion NFTs are wallet-bound and can only be obtained through personal achievements. Additional rewards can be obtained by participating in special events and unlocking advanced or specialized tasks.

Types of Incentives:

  • User Incentives - Users may earn additional rewards and unique achievements through seasonal events, competitions, and community collaborations.
  • Onboarding incentives - Alaya's social recommendation system provides onboarding incentives for maximum platform growth.
  • Bonus Daily Tasks - By completing bonus daily tasks, users can unlock additional incentives, personal achievements, and NFT upgrades.


Alaya AI APK is a powerful tool that brings AI-powered features to Android devices. With its extensive list of features, the app offers a range of functionalities that improve the user experience and efficiency. Whether you're looking for personalized recommendations, virtual assistant assistance, or advanced search capabilities, Alaya AI has something to offer. Download Alaya AI APK today to unlock the full power of your device.

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